Taking Review Requests: Yes but only if I've reviewed the author in the past. Interviews and guest posts are open to new-to-me authors. Please see my policy before requesting.

Hosting Giveaways: Yes

Accepting Author Interviews/Guest Posts: Yes

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Review/Guest Post/Interview Request

Updated: November 10, 2017

Request Status: I'm only accepting review requests from authors I've previously reviewed. However, guest posts and interviews are open to new-to-me authors, romance novel editors, cover designers, and cover models.

* I do NOT and will NOT ever sell ANY ARC books I receive for review. This is a breach of trust and I have worked hard to earn the trust of authors and publishers and would never jeopardize that for something that is 100% WRONG. *

I will no longer be posting cover reveals, release blitzes or anything that has generic material on the blog anymore. Sorry. I WILL share them on Facebook though.

** I accept review requests for previous/older books by an author I have already reviewed for. 

Please be aware that:

  • I only review adult romance novels and select memoirs. 
  • I don't review BDSM but I will interview a BDSM author or host a guest post providing content is original and exclusive to my blog.
  • I do not review serials (One story cut up into many different parts). This is different to a series which is a number of books with a connecting plot or characters but each book is a COMPLETE story.
  • I now review older books by authors that I have reviewed before. These will always be part of Throwback Thursday Reviews.
  • All reviews go on the blog FIRST, then Amazon and Goodreads. 
  • Regardless of the rating I give a book, all reviews WILL be posted. From DNFs to 5 stars.

On a side note, here is a very informative post on what NOT to do when it comes to book bloggers.

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