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Header #3 Explanations, Credit, & Resources

Just a quick note, this header took the most work (7+ months) and the most time because 1.) I have no idea how designers make these cartoons/vectors and 2.) I don't have the program they use (Adobe Illustrator + tablet), I just have a laptop and an old version of Photoshop. Any and all tutorials I looked up for Illustrator I had to try and convert or work around some steps in Photoshop. So I have no clue if there's any easier way to make them other than using a bunch of shapes.

Header #3 Resources

French Doors
- The closed doors were really simple to make, so I just went to the Home Depot website and looked at their catalog of french doors. Basically, they're just a bunch of rectangles put together. Lol.
- The open doors were a little more tricky because they're at an angle. So I went to Google and typed in "Open French Doors" and used THIS IMAGE and THIS IMAGE as a references.

Snowy Scenery
- I just used THIS TUTORIAL. Lengthy but efficient.

Mr Pud Cartoon
WIP: Mr Pud
- I used a combination of THIS TUTORIAL, THIS TUTORIAL, and THIS IMAGE for reference and of course, a picture of the real deal. I needed to get his ears and face structure just right. You can see the "bare bones" including a cropped image of one of Mr. Pud's ears.

Cooper Cartoon
- Cooper was harder to do because he's a Yorkie and has more fur but I used aspects from the previous tutorial for guidance. Thankfully, I found two regular drawing tutorials to guide me, looked at THIS PAINTING FOR REFERENCE. I used the first for the basic shapes and the second for the coloring guide, I also googled "Yorkie cartoon" in order to get more ideas about shading, and used pictures of the real deal.

Cat Cartoons (Will be updated as Amelia and Orion are made)
- Pictures of the originals were used as well as parts of THIS TUTORIAL, THIS TUTORIAL, THIS TUTORIAL,
- CONFESSION: For Spencer (The orange one), I actually let him climb up several items of furniture in order to take photos and study the way he moved. Thankfully, he didn't destroy anything important and we didn't get in trouble.

Book Shelf
- All I did was look at a picture of a white shelf and because it's basically a bunch of rectangles put together, it was pretty simple.

Christmas Tree

Cartoon Me
- Shockingly enough, I started with THIS TUTORIAL but then had this great epiphany that a human body was also made up of shapes! Duh! So I went and bought myself one of those wooden drawing models, like THIS ONE and painstakingly drew shape after shape which I then warped, manipulated and further edited the hell out of until it looked human. I also looked at THIS TUTORIAL, used a Barbie doll as a reference. I actually didn't intend for her to look like me but that's how she came out so I decided she'd be a cartoon version of myself.

Ugly Christmas Sweater
- The main sweater is once again a bunch of shapes but the reindeer was made using THIS TUTORIAL

Santa Hat
- Translated THIS TUTORIAL into photoshop the best that I could.

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