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Disclosure: Amazon Links

In case you haven't noticed, whenever I post a review or host a blog tour with a review, right below the purchase links there is some tiny text about the Amazon links. Basically what it says is that if you click on the "Amazon" or "Kindle" links and make a purchase, I see a very small percentage of that purchase price.


Because I signed up for the Amazon Affiliates Program. Does that mean I make a lot of money? Pfft, no. I wish, but no. I like the other perks that come with the program, like those nifty widgets that allow me to make a wishlist that's easy to navigate and comes with a no fuss HTML code to install it on the blog. Then there's the fact that I can make other widgets, say like the ones for the Steals & Deals posts that I sometimes manage to make but still haven't figured out how to use.

Here's the thing, I've been a member since the blog first started and to date, I only have like a dollar out of all the purchases people have made using the links on the blog. I'm not complaining though because even if you just click on the links and look around Amazon, I get to see that someone (It doesn't say who clicked or even what you looked at) is visiting my blog and paying attention to what I have to say. That's a big deal for a small time blog like mine and it's so gratifying to have some idea that I'm not just talking to myself.

Some things I want to make totally clear though: 1.) I do NOT see your personal information at all, nor do I see what you purchased. I am only made aware that someone did indeed make a purchase using my links. That's it. 2.) The money that I see does NOT come from you but rather the company, in this case, Amazon. 3.) You do NOT have to use the links, it would be great if you did, that way it could go towards future giveaways.

In short, if you already know you want to purchase something, maybe you can help me out by using the links found throughout the blog? Or at least click on the link, let me know that someone's paying attention to what I'm saying here.

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