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Favorite Character Friday: Talia Bishop

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Favorite Character: Talia Bishop

Where Can We Meet This Character? The Rookie on ABC (Coming back with season 2 so YAY!)

Why is this character your favorite (Feel free to include a favorite quote or scene)? With just a look, Officer Talia Bishop can call anyone on their bullshit, or convey a wealth of disapproval. And that’s just the beginning.

Talia isn’t a “Boss,” she’s a LEADER. She’s in charge of training the oldest rookie in the LAPD, John Nolan and she’s quick to let him know that she’s not going to take any crap from him but at the same time, teaching him to embrace the advantages of being the oldest. She isn’t a chatty type but when she dispenses advice, you definitely want to listen to her.

I love Talia because she’s one of those characters that conveys confidence without tipping the pot over into arrogance. She has a strong presence whenever she’s onscreen that commands attention and respect. She’s got a dry but wicked sense of humor and while she doesn’t like to show it, she’s got a soft heart for underdogs and innocents. She’s intelligent in a low key way that can still intimidate the heck out of a person, but she’s definitely someone you want to have watching your back. I know I’d feel a lot safer with someone like her as a friend and knowing she was working at my local PD.

In just the first season of The Rookie, Talia has had to face some pretty tough obstacles like being called in to explain why she left her foster brother off her academy application even though he was a convicted felon. Talia handled that with honesty, grace, and that quiet fierceness that I admire so much.

One of my favorite scenes with Talia happens in the episode The Hawke where all the male officers and rookies are in awe of a cop with questionable methods, aka The Hawke. The women are less than impressed and see Hawke for what he is and when Hawke snaps and tries running from two officers he’s trained (T.O. Tim Bradford and rookie John Nolan), it leads into a physical altercation that neither officer is winning. Without delivering a single blow, Talia comes out of nowhere and calmly maces Hawke while rookie Lucy Chen (also an amazing character) tazes him. As Bradford and Nolan are trying to gather themselves, Nolan tells Talia “We had him” to which she replies “Mmmhmm,” conveying a wealth of disapproval and “I told you so.” I wish YouTube had that clip because that was the moment Talia became one of my favorite characters ever.

As far as female characters go, she’s aces, and a to me a model for how women can be leaders in a male dominated profession without having to scream about it every five minutes. I can’t wait to see what is in store for this character when season 2 starts.

Talia Bishop is portrayed brilliantly (and with style) by Afton Williamson.

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