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Adria's Musings: The Long Night


Today’s Musings: Can we just talk about that Thrones episode????

The Long Night. An hour and a half of a full on battle between the living and the dead.

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention. - Ramsay Bolton.

That line couldn’t be more true than it is now. I was actually surprised at the relatively small death toll in terms of known characters. I think because so many people expected a high death toll, the show did the opposite. I have a feeling the battle against Cersei will deliver what this episode didn’t.

That’s not to say that The Long Night wasn’t a good episode because despite the criticisms, some founded, some not, the episode WAS a good one. My Queen, Daenerys did some hand to hand combat and rocked it.

There were some great dragon scenes, and a pretty bad ass dragon fight between Rhaegal and undead Viserion but the biggest moment had to be…

The death of the Night King at the hands of Arya Stark. And while the death toll of known characters wasn’t as high, the ones that did die made a big impression on me. I had made a list of characters I thought would die in this episode, here’s how my list compared to who actually died in the third episode.

My “Death” List for Episode 3:



The Hound





Ser Jorah

Lyanna Mormont


Grey Worm






Who Actually Died:

Ser Jorah Mormont. Died protecting Daenerys which is so sad because he was so in love with her and was her most loyal supporter. Watching him battle the undead with an armed Daenerys watching his back was a moment I won’t soon forget. Nor will I forget the sight of him dying in his queen’s arms and being mourned by her as Drogon landed beside them and seemed to mourn as well.

Lady Lyanna Mormont. Ser Jorah’s young cousin who died after taking out an effing giant. I will miss the fierce little badass. Her death marks the end of House Mormont.

Edd. Jon’s friend. Survived Wildlings and the fall of the Ice Wall. Died protecting Sam who should not have been out in the battlefield to begin with.

Beric. Who was resurrected by The Lord of Light many times because he had a “purpose” he needed to fullfill. He died for the last time while protecting Arya which was apparently why he kept being resurrected, so he could protect Arya when the time came.

Theon. This one crushed me because he had been such a broken man and had returned to Winterfell to fight for the family he had betrayed. His love for the Starks was so touching. After everything that happened, Theon finally recognized that his true home and family had always been Winterfell and the Starks, not The Iron Islands and the Greyjoys. It only seemed fitting that he died protecting Brandon Stark from the Night King. Bran’s last words to him made me tear up for sure. (You’re a good man Theon. Thank you.)

99% of the Dothraki Screamers. That was scary, watching all these reputed “savage killers” ride out with flaming swords only to see those flames quickly die out as they were butchered by the undead.

The Night King. Fucker. No sympathy from me you dragon killer. Got his ass killed by Arya Stark, take that asshole.

The Undead Army. Ha ha.

My list was actually longer than the real deal and while I breathe a sigh of relief it is short lived. I KNOW a lot of characters will die in this last battle to come. I did manage to name all the big deaths in this episode minus The Night King. Not bad.

The one thing that I can say after this episode is that NONE of the surviving Northerners should support Sansa Stark as the Lady of Winterfell. She did NOTHING to protect her people, she hid in the crypts with those who were too young or weak to fight, she didn’t train to fight like all the healthy men, women, and children had to. She didn’t ride into battle like Daenerys did, she didn’t kill any of the undead like Arya did, and when the dead in the crypts were resurrected and began to kill those in there, Sansa HID while her people were slaughtered even though she had a dagger that could permanently kill any undead. If the North doesn’t want to accept Daenerys as their queen (which they should since she stopped her war for the Iron Throne to take her army and her dragons North to fight for them), then they should toss Sansa over for Arya. At least she won’t hesitate to fight beside her people. Stupid Sansa. I thought she’d changed and become a leader. Instead she talked shit about Daenerys who was out in the battlefield risking her life for the North. Not to mention Sansa’s sister, Arya who almost died but managed to kill The Night King and end the war right as undead Viserion was about to kill Jon. Grr #FandomRants

Another rant I have is that the episode was so dang dark! I had to jack up my screen’s brightness to 100 just to see some of the scenes. I know that the battle takes place during the night but come on HBO! I think a lot of people went a little blind watching.

Anyway with that battle done and the survivors struggling to recover from their losses, there’s still one more major obstacle they have to overcome: Cersei Lannister. That crazy bitch isn’t going to let go of her grudge and she’s got the Golden Company to prove it. I think that the final battle will take place IN the Red Keep where we’ll see the Throne Room looking a bit like Daenerys’ vision back in season 2. Remember this?

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