Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday's Memo

Hosted by RacheLeanne, Monday’s Memo is a weekly meme to discuss the week ahead! You can talk about what you are excited about, what book you are reading, what you want to read, what tasks you need to do this week, what films and TV you are excited for, and anything else that you can think of!

I’m still here! I haven’t had to completely disappear from blogging or social media though it’s been hard to keep up right now with everything going on. Aside from moving (We ARE moving we just don’t know if it will be in the same city, which I hope not, to a new state, or to live in the car lol), I’m trying to look forward to some new things this week.

Proven Innocent (Friday 2/15 on Fox) is a drama centered around a woman (Rachelle Lefevre) who was found guilty in a high profile case and later exonerated after it was proven she was innocent. Through no fault of her own, she’s become sort of a celebrity and her determination to reopen sometimes dangerous investigations in order to exonerate innocent people has made her powerful enemies who want to see her go down no matter that she’s innocent. I actually want to watch this one because of Rachelle Lefevre. I love her and the premise of the show sounds interesting. I’ll be doing a quick write up the following Monday for this show. Visit the official site HERE

Miracle Workers (Tuesday 2/12 on TBS). I found out about this show by accident while watching one of the late shows where Daniel Radcliffe was a guest. The show is a comedy set in the offices of Heaven where Radcliffe plays a low level angel in charge of handling all of humanity’s prayers. God is played by Steve Buscemi and has basically stopped handling everything in order to have some “Me” time. It sounds like a hoot and really, who doesn’t need a laugh nowadays? You can check out the official site HERE

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