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Friday, November 9, 2018

Musical Moments: 90s!

Who doesn’t love music? It immortalizes memorable moments in our lives, helps us through the tough times, speaks for us when we can’t find the words, and makes us feel good. I love adding to my music list and I hope that some of the songs I post will end up on yours!

This Week’s Theme: 90s Baby!

I was a pre-teen in the late 90s and that was when pop music experienced a tsunami of popularity with boy bands, pop divas in the making, and pop rockers wanting a piece of the action. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was obsessed with the following songs then and today I still have them on my phone, computer, kindle, and wherever else I can put music on.

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith (1998). Oh man this was one of my favorite songs when I was younger and it actually took me a few more years before I watched the movie it came from! I was (and still am) a big Liv Tyler fan and Armageddon was one of those movies that I knew I had to own once I saw it. Even today I will turn up the radio when this song comes on. I know that there are other versions of it (jncluding a country version that was very popular) but nothing comes close to Steven Tyler’s scratchy vocals belting out that one note!

Truly, Madly Deeply - Savage Garden (1997). How many of you swooned when this song came out? This was one of the biggest love/makeout songs ever! Young couples everywhere made this THEIR song and it was played at so many weddings that it almost became one of those cliched wedding songs. Or maybe it did and I just wasn’t paying attention. Lol. Either way it still has the ability to make this cynical heart swoon and that’s not an easy thing to do these days.

Waterfalls - TLC (1994). One of the few songs that moved me to tears then because I had known people just like the ones in the song. I listened while my teacher comforted one of my classmates while they mourned the loss of their loved ones and that song has always held a special place in my heart. As sad as it is, I will always think of my classmate and that day that she tearfully told our teacher that her brother had been gunned down over the weekend.

Don’t Speak - No Doubt (1995). Another song that took me a few years to look back on and really pay attention to the lyrics. I had a friend who was and still is crazy about Gwen Stefani. I admit she’s a pretty neat artist and I enjoy her music. This song really put her on the map as an artist. She's got a unique voice and style that to this day inspires so many people.

…Baby One More Time - Britney Spears (1998). I’m a Britney fan for life man. I adored her songs, starting with this one. It was catchy, it was upbeat, and the concept for the video was something I related to on a regular basis (Daydreaming during class, not dancing in the school lol). Seriously, she had some great songs, you can't deny that.

I Want it That Way - Backstreet Boys (1999). I’m a BSB girl all the freaking way. 20 years later and I am just as crazy about their music as I was when I was 14. Of course I have a whole new appreciation for their lyrics (back in the day I was all about how cute they were first lol).

True Fact: My mom was the one who became a fan first (Back when she heard As Long As You Love Me on the radio) and then she introduced me to their music. And she will NOT let me forget that she was a fan first either lol.

You’re Still the One - Shania Twain (1998). Definitely a “grown up” song from where I sat but I loved it. Shania has some of the best songs to fall in love to but also to dance to. This is one of those songs that transcends genres. Everyone knows this song. It was and probably still is a wedding day staple. My mom has Shania's greatest hits on her kindle and I will sometimes snag her e-reader just to listen to this song that was one of the songs on my daydream soundtrack when I was in school. I was at that age where I started noticing boys so...

Bitch - Meredith Brooks (1997). How did they get away with requesting and playing this song on the radio? Lol, I identified with the lyrics much later when high school was under way and I was finding my inner strength and learning that saying “No” wasn’t going to kill me.

I know I missed a bunch but these were off the top of my head. How about you? Any songs that you listened to as a pre-teen/teen and still rock out to today?

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