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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Well Dang This Sucks.

Well isn't this a fix.

I actually had a post that was going to go up today. A review for a really good book all written in Word waiting to be copied and pasted then scheduled for today.

And guess what?

I didn't realize I had sent it to the trash until AFTER I emptied it.

Yup. The award for Stupidest Move goes to me. So here I am re-writing said review. I could have gotten mad, I could have gotten depressed, or I could have railed at the heavens. But I did none of that.


Because I have already had a crappy start to the week, with it seeming like my "Asshole Meter" is turned up to 10. There have been certain negative energies wanting to drag me down to their pity party, won't-let-go-of-the-past, always-blaming-everyone-else, waa waa level.

So I have been super stressed out and forgetting things like checking the recycle bin on the laptop BEFORE emptying it out.

Then I started looking at Instagram, where I have a few friends who are working hard to change their lives by making rough decisions. They inspired me to not let negative ANYTHING into my safe place.

So I took a deep breath, and basically decided to just roll with it. I wasn't going to rush a review just because I wanted it up today. It's already May, I just need to make sure that the rest of month is scheduled if not pre-scheduled. June is the start of my hiatus and when I will be doing my best to blog ahead for the rest of the year.

So if any of you are having a bad day or like me, a bad few days, just roll with it. Take a deep breath and don't be afraid to make the hated choices in order to find a little peace in your life.

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