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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hiatus Time!

It’s the last day in May guys and you know what that means?

Yup, I am out of here for the summer, not on a vacation to a beautiful destination though. Nope, I’m staying in the same crusty, dusty place but I need some time to regroup, spend time with family, and of course, get rid of a lot of junk because we are trying to take steps to leave this place and soon. And we have over 4 bedrooms full of crap and 90% has to go! Lol. I don’t want to cart that stuff with me when we move and I don’t want to have to pack and unpack it either.

I also have a cardiologist appointment next month FINALLY. I had a bad episode back in November 2017 that involved chest pains and some really weird symptoms but as you all know, medical care has become more of a business and less of the field of helping people. Cardiologists have become super expensive and health insurance is a joke. It’s taken us almost a year to save up what I’m sure won’t be enough for this appointment. Not to mention any additional appointments I may need. But whatever, I really do need this appointment. Chest pains are nothing to joke about and I am both scared and anxious to get this over with and see if they can tell me what is going on. Fingers crossed it’s not something serious. Back in December my EKG was normal but the doctor ordered a 3D echo and that’s what I am going for next month. Geez, just writing about that is giving anxiety and stress. I tell you, I’m like a cat being forced to walk on a thin plank over water these days.

Going to be spending time with this goofball.
Another reason for the hiatus is that it is about to get REALLY hot here in Texas. I mean hell hole hot. It’s already triple digits but last summer we got to 114 degrees. That’s not fun especially when you’re living in someone else’s house and that someone doesn’t get as hot for some reason. It isn’t a good idea to have laptops on at any time day or night because it adds to the heat AND the room I live in has crappy ventilation. Like any breeze is blocked off by another part of the house. So no tv watching, or computers on. And during the day I just face plant on the floor with ice packs on my body cause I do get hot and a lot of times I feel the heat worse than the others here. Fun times guys, I am in the like 1% that has seasonal depression in reverse. I need a colder climate; I thrive in cold, cloudy weather, no joke.

While I won’t be posting on the blog until mid August, I will be on social media so you can pop over there to chat or see what shenanigans I’m getting into with Hayley (who also has her own instagram and will surely be telling the same stories but from HER point of view). She's become a rather goofy animal now that she's comfortable with us and she's constantly cracking me up with her antics. Hopefully I'll get some good stuff on her. Halloween is coming soon and I want her to wear a costume without acting like it's trying to kill her. Lol

And I have two cats to bathe... This will not end well I tell you. Spencer might let me get away with it since I have had him since he was a wee thing but Orion? He's going to beat me up for sure.

As for review books, I probably won’t be requesting any new ones over the summer because I don’t recall there being any releases I’m keen on reviewing but if there are I will be putting those reviews on Amazon on release day, not holding them hostage until August :)

I think that’s it for now. I hope to have a new header in the fall but I’m also playing around with the possibility of a new layout. I love having three columns to fit in all the extra goodies but it’s been that way since the start of this blog. I think it’s time to play around with another style but one that still allows for a header.

Have a safe, fun, summer everyone! I’ll pop by blogs throughout the summer!

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