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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Review: Dark Justice - Morgan by Jenna Ryan

Okay another book that could have been SO good were it not for some important details.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Release Date: October 23, 2017

After attempting to help the FBI expose a ruthless weapons and drug dealer, Owen Fixx, Amber Kelly enters the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, her sister, who was once married to said drug dealer, is forced to join her—key word, forced. When Rachel grows tired of their new life and runs off with a local man, a nightmare ensues for Amber.

The only person who can help her is Gage Morgan, an edgy former police officer. The mysterious and compelling Gage must convince Amber that he is not only on her side, but he is also her best bet to stay alive.

Amber wants her sister back. What she doesn’t want is to be attracted to her sexy new protector. But in the haunted Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, desire trumps logic. And it leaves a smoldering trail for Fixx’s gunmen to follow.

What’s it About? After Amber Kelly’s attempt to help the FBI expose dangerous weapons and drug dealer Owen Fixx fails, she and her sister Rachel have to enter the Witness Protection Program. Rachel isn’t happy with the situation but since she was once married to the man they’re trying to hide from, she doesn’t have much of a choice, but she gets tired of their new life and ends up running away with a local man, leaving Amber in a mess of trouble. The only person who can help Amber find her sister is former police officer Gage Morgan. Amber knows that finding her sister will be difficult while avoiding detection from gunmen looking to silence her forever, but what she didn’t count on was her intense attraction to Gage.

Overall reaction to the story? I loved the set up to this book, I really did. A WITSEC heroine and a closed off former law enforcement officer? Pretty neat. However the execution of the plot and the romance between the two lead characters was off the mark.

For starters, the author indicates that Amber is in a life or death situation every minute of every day and that she and Gage must be careful to cover their trail while they search for Amber’s sister. Well they have as much subtlety as an elephant in a trailer park! Gage is supposed to be the ONLY one who can help her and protect her yet I found some of his decisions and actions to be questionable and beyond risky. It didn’t make sense to me and really, Amber should have been dead twice over with how reckless they were being. And with how desperate the villains were to kill Amber, I didn’t buy that the FBI or any law enforcement agency would be okay with her going out with ONE man to find her sister. And why do so many people know where Amber and her sister are anyway? Isn’t the point of WITSEC to keep them hidden? That was way outside of what I could find believable. Also, I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’d risk my life to save a TSTL sister who isn’t taking the threats to her life seriously. Just sayin’.

Then there was the relationship. There was a lot of heat between Gage and Amber which made Dark Justice: Morgan very sexy. But that’s all there was between them, or at least that’s all that the author built between them. I love hot sex scenes in romances but I’m also expecting a romance! I need to see that emotional connection building between two characters, the walls coming down, the trust forming, the love growing! That didn’t happen here. For awhile these two are going at it like bunnies then all of a sudden they’re declaring their love for one another at the end. Huh? There’s like a whole chunk of courtship missing there and they lost me on that. I didn’t buy their love; it felt more like lust induced happy hormones that would eventually wear off. And you know what? Amber is gorgeous. Like super human gorgeous. And that gets beat into your brain constantly by like, everyone that comes across her. I could have done without all that prose about her beauty. It’s so superficial it’s boring. So she’s a good looking lady, so what? That tells me NOTHING about her personality.

And then there’s also the feeling that Gage and Amber’s story isn’t finished. It’s not a cliffhanger per say but it does leave you feeling like there’s something missing and that frustrates me like you wouldn’t believe! Be upfront about an unfinished ending/cliffhanger and don’t let readers find that out on their own because a lot of us do NOT like that!

But the book wasn’t all bad though! I enjoyed the action sequences and some of the uncommon places the author takes the reader to. Gage and Amber seem to work well together, and Gage doesn’t patronize Amber’s readiness to help when things get tough. The author has a real flair for setting up scenes and the ideas are there, they just need some work.

Click It or Skip It? Click it out of curiosity but Skip It if you don’t have the patience for the things I found to be unbelievable. The author has talent that’s for sure but needs to focus it more on building a real, believable relationship between her characters that isn’t focused so much on looks.

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