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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

My First Week with A Bullet Journal

After reading post after post on Instagram and Tumblr about how Bullet Journaling has helped people stay organized and track their life progress I caved and started doing a more regulated bullet journal. I just completed my first week of bullet journaling...

I started an art journal earlier this year for my depression and anxiety including mood trackers and have managed to keep up with it. Not only that but it has helped my doctor help me and I’m hoping that I can get into a therapy program soon and that I can use my journal to help me explain my symptoms and my days to the therapist. Overall, that has been a really big help.

Then in March I started a special kind of art journal for my mom. It has a bunch of pictures for her to look at and some notes from me about her impact on my daily life as well as on my life overall. After her recent health scare I felt that I shouldn’t be so closed off with her. I think everyone needs to hear that they’ve made a positive impact on a person’s life, especially good moms. Those are the people who suffer the most self doubt. They always wonder if they did right by their kids, if their kids will resent them or be grateful to them for the choices they made. My mom for some reason has been going through this a lot and she is a much better verbal communicator than I am.

This month I started a bullet journal just for me. Not to track illnesses, not for anyone else, but for ME. I need to keep track of blog stuff, chores, and Hayley business among other things, plus I love the idea of putting my 5 pounds of washi tape (Yes you read that right) to use when I’m not using it to make cards for the upcoming holiday season.

So I started looking at weekly layouts and other people’s Bujos and realized, there is no way I will have time to do a different weekly layout. Nope, not with my assbackwards life. So I settled on the same layout for a whole month before I change it. I also wanted themes. I LOVE themes and I have a need to customize everything I do. So I started with the most obvious: AVENGERS!!! Cause you know, Infinity War comes out on the 27th and I’m nuts about these movies.

Double sided tape works wonders on screw ups!
I learned a lot about materials with this month’s layout. For example, I should have thought about how I was going to write on the black colored pencil before actually coloring it all black. I fixed it with black washi tape and a white pen but still, I need to fix this before I do a black themed layout. Also, stamping the days is all fine and dandy as long as it’s on A FLAT SURFACE and I mean completely flat.

Also, I could have done with some pictures from magazines. I don’t have a printer right now if not every layout would look like some kind of visual carnival.

Anyone know what castle this is? I don't have notes for this one.
I started early on next month’s layouts as well and have learned another lesson: When you screw up on a layout, no worries just turn it into a media page! Lol.

May’s theme is traveling through ancient history so I covered up my oops with some swatches of craft paper I got from JoAnn’s. I liked the collage look so I picked maps, stamps, and postcards. Then I added some photos from magazines that I’ve collected over the years.

Not bad right?

I am slowly working my way towards the next couple of months and hopefully this will keep me more organized.  It goes a little slow because the only time I have to work on it is late at night in the room I live in and there's not much room there. Plus, sometimes there's a puppy who wants some love and won't let me work on my journal.

I do love trying new things, especially when it comes to paper crafts.

Do you like to paper craft? What do you like to do?

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