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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Meme: Top Ten Tuesday

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl, Top Ten Tuesday is a celebration of lists! Each week a theme will be posted and bloggers will post their lists on their respective blogs. Some themes are pretty straightforward and others are open for interpretation.

This week’s Topic: Frequently Used Words in Romance Titles

Oh this is a fun one! Okay let’s see if I know 10 off the bat.

Titles! Words like Duke, Duchess, Marquess, Countess, Earl, etc. I see those on every third book I pick up in the historical romance section.

Lady. Technically could be part of a title but more often than not I see it used as a word of reference.

Seduction/Seduce/Seduces. Not gonna lie, I will probably go for a book with this word in the title because I’m hoping it will be super hot.

Highlander. Self explanatory. RAWR.

Scoundrel. Implies a naughty/playboy hero will probably fall flat on his face in love and will hopefully be humbled by the experience.

Wedding/wedded/bride/groom. Not my favorite words to see in a title but it is pretty common and I have enjoyed some books with them in the title.

Billionaire. Pretty much explains everything about the hero. Very rarely does it apply to a heroine.

Master. Depending on the context, I may or may not pick up a book with this word in the title.

Dirty. This word just conjures up all kinds of deliciousness doesn’t it?

Tempting/Temptation. On my kindle alone I have 15 books with this word in the title.

I know I missed a bunch of words so help me out, what words did you come up with?

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