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Monday, April 30, 2018

Blog All About It: April

Good grief but this month flew by fast! I almost completely missed out on this month’s theme which would have been a shame because it’s one of my favorite things.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved art in its many forms: Painting, writing, drawing, you name it. As an adult there are so many options that I can’t keep up! Hand lettering, bullet journaling, and art journaling just to name a few.

I started learning how to hand letter over a year ago and while I’ve improved a lot, I still need to get the hang of those darn upstrokes!

And don’t get me started on bounce lettering. That is a whole new animal there that I’m not willing to try until I get the dang upstrokes down. I am determined to get this, I really am! I find hand lettering very relaxing even as I’m swearing up and down over my mistakes. I hand letter almost everything right now, including notes to my mom as she’s getting ready for work. I drive her nuts because her purse is FILLED with notes that she hasn’t thrown out.

Whatever. Lol.

Then I picked up water coloring late last year. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do and since Youtube is my friend I just started learning. I did manage to put what I learned to use when I did that really "fun" Stargate mood tracker. Good times, good times.*rolls eyes* I am really proud of it though.

Right now I am trying to master water color roses but my wrists aren’t as flexible as I thought. Grr. These came out pretty neat though. But that was after like, 17 failed attempts.

I added some spice to my Avengers themed layout. Lol.
Last but not least, bullet journaling. I do consider this art because while there are templates out there to help set up your monthly, weekly, and/or daily spread, it’s all up to the individual to add color, washi tape, doodles, or anything that strikes their fancy in order to make their bujo all their own. I personally have monthly themes for mine and really enjoy setting it up and using hand lettering, and a touch of water color to make my own unique pages. I’m still getting my bearings with that but so far it has been fun to have a project that can incorporate some of the previous things I’ve been learning. It’s also introduced me to my current obsession, washi tape.

I totally hip checked a guy for these. He was hitting on women in the store and I was not having it.
I am a total fiend when it comes to washi tape. If there’s a sale, I’m there. If I have to elbow some guy who is on his phone and has no business in a craft store if he doesn’t craft just to get at the washi tape I totally will (Yes, I did this. The guy was just loitering while his wife was shopping. Lady, leave your freaking husband outside or at home so he doesn’t take up space or get in the freaking way with his big ole iPhone!). I do not mess around when it comes to getting the elusive map or antique looking washi.

Aside from doing my own art I just love looking at other people’s interpretation of things. I love visiting Letters by Shells’ Shelly on IG because her hand lettering is so beautiful and she often posts comparisons of her own hand lettering from when she first started to now. On top of that she also does some beautiful water coloring to go with her hand lettering. I just love her and she’s super nice too. I got the chance to interview her a while back and she was just so kind and encouraging.

When it comes to bullet journaling I honestly just follow the hashtags #bujo and #bulletjournal because there are literally hundreds of people posting their weekly spreads and some of them are so gorgeous! Off the top of my head some of my favorite people are (click image for larger version, you guys don't want to miss the details)

and the VERY unique mia_teegan (I am so obsessed with her style guys, it’s really one of a kind).

One thing I'm terrified of getting back into is drawing. Goodness but I LOVED to draw as a kid and a teenager. I was even a graphic artist for my high school's newspaper in addition to being one of their writers. It was fun and I loved drawing characters out of my mind but I lost that when my depression hit hard and it has been about 12 years since I last drew anything. I want to try again but I am so nervous about it for some reason. I'm hoping to have something drawn by the end of the summer because I have a book for review that teaches you how to draw dragons. I figured a review book would force me to face my anxiety about drawing.

I am so excited to keep learning more techniques and applying them to my own stuff. I still have a lot more supplies to get if I want to REALLY go for some of the ideas rattling around in my brain. First is a freaking printer because I need to print out my own stickers dang it! Lol.

How about you guys? Artistic? Not Artistic?

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