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Thursday, March 8, 2018

This Month's Tracker was A LOT of Work.

Last month I showed you all how I started a mood tracker/depression journal using a lot of techniques you find in bullet journaling. I can honestly say that I was able to stick with the daily entries with no problem and I have to credit that to the fact that it’s more than just writing down how I felt that day. It’s sketching things, coloring in the chart, using quotes from music, hand lettering, and of course washi tape to bring my entries some life even though some of the things I talk about are less than rosy.

Well we’re into March now and I have a new tracker. It’s a custom one this time since last month I was in a rush to get it ready. I actually saw THIS MOOD TRACKER:

Credit to Little Crane Paper Company

and the first thing that came to mind was “Hey that looks like a Stargate!!!”

Credit to MGM

So an idea was born.

At first I was just gonna draw it onto the page but then I just HAD to get fancy and decided to put the stack of cardstock, foam adhesives, and watercolors I had to use.

I drafted the basic shape of the Stargate, the circles onto a regular piece of printing paper which took 47 tries to get them the right size and to replace the 39 glyphs that are on the Stargate with 31 blank spaces to represent the days of the month.

Those 47 tries were mostly because the chevrons, these guys:
Were a pain in the ass to get right. I had to make sure that NINE of them fit with equal distance between them. Believe it or not, Stargate fans will notice if there are less than nine and will call you out on it. Lol. Once I got the size and spacing right I drew those individually on another piece of card stock while I used a compass to draw the base shape of the Stargate on a different card stock. Now this presented its own problem because BOTH compass that I bought do not hold pens and I wanted to make sure that the shapes were done with my micron pen so that when I used my water based brush pens (Crayola this time), the lines wouldn’t smudge. So guess what I had to do?

MacGyver a pen holder. Yup. I stole some of my mom’s holiday twine and wrapped that sucker up and guess what? It worked after a few tweaks here and there.

After that it was a matter of coloring the base, and the chevrons, then using the adhesive foam to put the chevrons on the base.

While the foam settled in, I used my watercolors and watercolor paper to paint the blue part aka the Event Horizon.

Then after that was done drying I measured the center part added about an inch so that I could secure it to the base with adhesives and cut it out.

The final step was to use the foam adhesives to put the finished Stargate on my journal. And of course use some of my space washi tape to add a border.

You can see that it's a bit like a pop out image which I like a lot.
And that's my mood tracker for the month! As much I love it, it did make me want to cry a few times because all the measurements drove me nuts. Plus I didn't have all the supplies that would have made it so much easier to do.

Next month... Well there's a big movie coming out next month that I'm going to incorporate into my tracker. A simple one though. It will be A-mazing.

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