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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Blog About It/Monthly Wrap Up

I sooo didn’t want these past two weeks to end. Well, sort of. We can’t really catch a break to be honest.

Well we got the car back after having it fixed and we had a lot of things to go out and get grocery wise, guess who had to get down to get all of it? Me. Never again guys, I was exhausted after peopling for three days straight. However I did get to go to the mall right when some aromatherapy people were setting up a booth. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to check it out.

As a kid I used to love wearing “grown up” perfume. Whenever I would visit my grandparents, my aunt who lived with them at the time would put on Chanel No. 5 before work and if I wandered in there she’d put some on me too. As a pre-teen, I got my first small bottle of the perfume to wear. Unfortunately as I’ve grown up I’ve become sensitive to scents and perfumes tend to trigger bad headaches for me. So I had to stop using them and moved on to body splashes. I LOVED cucumber melon. It’s a light but very fresh scent. Then I got Hayley and she would have these bad sneezing fits with it so I stopped using that too.

The things we do for our pets right?

But my sister has recently gotten into aromatherapy and for Christmas she sent some beautiful aromatherapy necklaces for me and my mom along with a bottle of lavender oil. Now in the past I have detested the strong scent of lavender and couldn’t comprehend how it was supposed to help with anxiety and migraines if it stunk to high heaven. Well this one she sent wasn’t at all like I was expecting, it smelled so beautiful and now I can’t leave the house without my lavender oil. It really helps me calm down when I’m nervous. I love it and it came just in time to help me deal with the hotter weather and all that comes with it.

Spring is already here and in my part of Texas that means hotter weather (We have already come close to 90 degrees twice) and blowing dust. That means bad allergies and sleepless nights. There are also a lot of things starting to pop up, like insects from hell.

Where I’m at its a little weird because one day you’re looking at a bare patch of dirt and then two days later there’s a bunch of roses blooming. They smell sweet and they’re pretty to look at. I love the smell of fresh roses.

But there are also these little white flowers that grow underneath them that I enjoy too. They seem to have a short life span though because they don’t last all summer, just until about mid-June then they’re gone. But during that time there’s this light, pretty scent right as you walk out the front door.

Of course, there always has to be flip side to things because at the same time the winds are about as bad as they can get so a lot of the time you can start the day smelling roses and by mid afternoon you’re smelling shit and dirt. Not going to lie, it really does smell like that for awhile.

But then the REALLY good smells kick in: Barbeque smells. Everyone in the neighborhood loves to barbeque, including us so every weekend you can smell steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and vegetables grilling. It’s enough to drive you crazy if that weekend you’re not one of the ones grilling something. Lol. Can you tell I’m a total foodie? Nothing smells better to me than the smells of good eats. And my mom knows a really good freaking marinate for ribs and chicken too.

We also have a new little visitor.

A stray cat that showed up awhile ago. He’s still young and Orion is not happy about him being around marking up his territory but he tolerates him as long as he knows Ori is the boss. We have dubbed him Little Friend because he just hangs around the house waiting to be fed. He doesn’t let anyone pet him but he will get like 3 feet from you as long as you don’t make sudden moves. I wish we had the extra cash to get him sterilized because there’s a rampant stray cat problem in the neighborhood. Stupid people.

I will say that if that extra cash comes in at any point, my mom has instructed me to find a way to catch Little Friend for a trip to the vet. And if the time to move comes, she wants to try and find a way to take him with us since no one I know here will give him a good home.

On the blogging front, I survived being behind on reviews. Mostly because of the two week break I took. I’m trying to find new ways to write reviews so that they don’t get boring or repetitive but so far, nada. This month was a good reading month though. I read Katee Robert’s The Last King and well, damn that book is hot. I love Katee’s style of writing, she gives her readers a lot to love.

Then there was Sabrina Jeffries’ The Secret of Flirting which was fun. I’m on a real historical romance kick and looking at my review books I have mostly historical there. Hmm. I also “spring-ified” the blog. Didn’t want to, I wanted to hold on to winter for a lot longer but the weather is already hot and dusty so I had to change it.

Pretty slow if you ask me but again, we were carless for about a week.

What about you guys? Foodie? Not a foodie? Any scents that drive you up the wall? How did March treat you?

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