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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Secret of Flirting by Sabrina Jeffries

Another fun romance by Sabrina Jeffries is out today and it has one of my favorite themes: Enemies to Lovers!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Pocket Books
Release Date: March 27, 2018

The moment spymaster Baron Fulkham meets the stunning Princess Aurore of Chanay, he's positive her royal persona is a ruse and that she's actually Monique Servais, the mysterious actress he met three years before in Dieppe.

But as he pursues his suspicions, he uncovers a plot of attempted assassination and betrayal that could very well destroy his career, expose his own secrets...and ruin the woman he's rapidly coming to love.

What’s it About? When the Baron Fulkham meets the reclusive princess of Chanay he’s absolutely certain that she’s an imposter, an actress he briefly met three years before named Monique Servais. As he investigates further he finds more than he bargained for, including some very inconvenient feelings for a woman who is either a princess beyond his reach, or a charlatan who needs to be exposed.

Overall reaction to the story?The Secret of Flirting was everything I had hoped it to be an a dash extra. A historical romance with a spy or two will always get extra points with me at the start but it’s how the author handles the plot and characters that will determine how much I enjoy the book. Fulkham and Monique were delightful characters, full of life and very engaging. I relished their verbal sparring each and every time.

Fulkham has been in and out of the Sinful Suitors series for a while and it was about time he got to have the spotlight. I’ll admit that he always seemed aloof, standoffish, and rather mechanical in previous books but it was fun to watch him show a more human side of himself. Who knew he had a soft spot for his mother? Or that he wasn’t Mr. Perfect all the time? I loved the less than perfect side of him because it made him more relatable as a character but at the same time he was still very capable of doing his job and thinking on his feet.

Monique was such a great heroine, she was as intelligent as she was talented. While she wasn’t a spy like Fulkham, she was an actress and was more than able to pull off the huge charade that was expected of her. I loved that her inner strength wasn’t without its vulnerabilities and doubts, she was terrified of disappointing the people who depended on her. That didn’t stop her from going head to head with Fulkham though and this is one of the things I love best about Sabrina Jeffries, she always has heroines who can put a man off balance emotionally and mentally. These women may be small in stature and live in a time where women were thought of as little more than cattle, but Jeffries manages to make her heroines strong in ways that don’t take away from the period they live in. Monique was competent enough with her subterfuge to make her convincing but not so good as to make her seem like a natural born spy. I enjoyed her pluck and candor immensely.

The real fireworks of the story always happened when Fulkham and Monique were together though. These two just didn’t give an inch in their war of wits. I love that Monique could easily get under Fulkham’s skin and make him feel like a newbie at just about everything. He was a man who prided himself on his self control but with just a few words, Monique could unravel him like a cat unravels a ball of yarn. I love a good enemies to lovers romance, Fulkham and Monique’s personalities clashed in the beginning but as they got to know one another that changed and all that energy they spent fighting went into the great chemistry they were building.

And I totally heard Beyond the Veil by Lindsey Sterling playing during one scene that involved dancing and some naughty flirting between Fulkham and Monique.

Click It or Skip It? Click It. Sabrina Jeffries knows how to make a reader smile and have a good time.

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