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Friday, February 9, 2018

Weekly WrapUp

Hmm, may have to start using my own photos for banners. I like this one!

This week has been less than gentle to me. As you may know I lost a dear friend and had just found out on Sunday night. I’ve actually never lost someone my age that I cared for deeply and it has been difficult for me to process my grief. I am actually talking to a grief therapist now and it has been helping me. I do want to thank you all for your lovely comments on the blog and on my personal FB page, and for the emails I got from some of you. They mean so much to me.

Also helping me is my journaling. I’ve managed to keep up with it past a week so that’s a good sign. I fill in my mood tracker every day and then write a brief entry detailing my dominant emotion for that day. It’s time consuming since I am doodling, painting, hand lettering, and washi taping the heck out of everything but it has become cathartic to me. I try and be as supportive as I can with my little sister who is also dealing with her own mental health problems, she journals her moods too but in her case, she draws her pup Datoka (Remember him)? He’s big now, and I’ll probably be doing a check in with him after the 16th. I also introduced her to Rhodia pads, the best pen paper there is. Lol.

Anywho, I’ve also had a chance to work on my watercolor skills. I’m not painting people or animals just yet but I am working on being able to paint background that I can then hand letter on. I started the Instagram challenge this month but haven’t kept up because of what has happened. Hopefully I can get back on that soon.

Yup, even when she's asleep she's involved.
Whenever something negative happens I always try and find a positive to balance it out. I’m very much into the belief that everything has to balance out eventually. This week had two neat things happen to offset one very bad thing. The first, well I can’t believe it happened but after seven years of blogging I accomplished a big book goal: I got an ARC copy of an upcoming Lisa Kleypas book!! Oh yes I did. I would have done back flips if I knew how. Hello Stranger is the fourth book in her Ravenel series and I am over the moon about reading this one. It’s a print copy which concerned me because my eyesight is bad and reading print makes them hurt. However, I also got this really neat light at Michael’s that is bright white light, energy efficient, and doesn’t make me feel like a turkey in an oven when it’s on. And guess what? I can totally read the book!! My eyes don’t hurt as much and I can enjoy what I’m reading so yay! And in case you’re wondering, Hello Stranger is SUPERB so far.

The second thing was taking Hayley to go pick up her sweet treats at the Chocolate Factory. Normally I just get down while my she and my mom wait in the car but once in a while we get her down to wait outside where the employees can see her. Well we did this but something else happened, she got invited INSIDE the store to claim her free treat. Lol. Oh goodness but she was so happy! They have this big stuffed bear in a chair at the entrance and the silly dog thought it was a person and went to introduce herself! Then she went up to the counter and took the treat the employee handed her before she went back outside and rushed us to open the car so she could get in the backseat and eat her treat in peace. Hayley has a way of brightening moments in my life and making me smile when I didn’t think I could smile like that again. I love experiencing things through her because I get to not be a jaded person and just see that pure joy she has for life and people (and food). Pets have a way of doing that for us and I love that.

Speaking of Hayley, I had wanted to get one of those Polaroid cameras because I can’t afford a digital AND a printer to print pictures of her out for my journal and to frame but then my sister told me about the Fujifilm app for my phone. Basically I can order prints of pictures I took on my phone and then go pick them up at my local Wal-Mart. O.M. G. I love this! I’ve done it twice already and I’m thrilled that the quality is pretty good. It’s so easy to do I really recommend it if you don’t have a printer like me.

I’ve already started to put together Hayley’s pages in my journal for the topic: Things That Make Me Happy.

As difficult as this week has been I am determined to remain positive and hopeful that things will turn around for us. It’s been 10 long years since my mom was able to walk out of an abusive situation and get a divorce. We have lived in bad conditions, horrible conditions, and back to bad conditions so if the universe is looking to balance that out with some good stuff, I’m all for it. I just hope it hurries up a little bit. We’re working our butts off here to get all our crazy ducks in a row.

What are you all up to this week? Any good plans for the weekend?

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