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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Blog All About It: February!

I really love February to be honest. Aside from December which is my absolute favorite month, February has its own perks. It’s the month of LOVE! Not love in the romantic sense but all kinds of love, family love, friend love, the love you have for a beloved pet, or even the love of simple things in life. February brings it all out!

It’s still a bit chilly so the days are nice but there’s also the occasional rainy days thrown in for good measure.

To date we’ve enjoyed about 12 cloudy, cool days which means that Hayley and I can go for walks at the outdoor mall. And think deep thoughts like What's for dinner? or in Hayley's case, How can I get mom to get me some new toys? I know that may sound kind of dull but I honestly love the days where there's no chaos, no suffering from the heat, just quiet time spent with a good dog, and a few extra dollars for those toys she wants.

Valentine’s Day is in February too and while I don’t buy into the coupledom stereotype of it all, I do like seeing all the cute shirts, cards, and stuffed animals that virtually explode all over the place in almost every store. This Valentine's Day was a little different though, it was the first time I had heard the word "Galentine." As in spending the day with your best girl friends. I saw cards at Target for you to give your gal pals.

Most of my gal pals are married and have kids so even if I wanted to I doubt any of them would have been down for a girl's only dinner. The ones that would have been don't live in the same city. Heck some of them live in Australia and Germany!

I also saw some neat tutorials on Tombow's IG for cards for your girl squad. And I can't believe I just used that phrase. Lol. There were so many assortments of cards for different purposes too which I gotta say it's about time. Not everyone is part of a couple, not everyone WANTS to be part of a couple. Some of us just enjoy celebrating love in all its forms.

Even the vet's office was celebrating. And Hayley got a cookie. She was happy. Then we tried to present her with a red rose a la bachelor style but she wasn't having it and quickly put an end to any ideas of photographing her with it.

And even though Valentine's has come and gone, that lovin' feeling is still around...

Because later this month, Lisa Kleypas' Hello Stranger is out! I AM OBSESSED with this book! I was lucky enough to get a print ARC and I took it EVERWHERE while I was reading it and I'm not ashamed to say that I am suffering a major book hangover now that I have finished it. I can't wait for all you Kleypas fans to read it! Garrett is such a fun heroine and Ethan well, he is a total dreamboat.

My February has been filled with love in so many forms!

How is February treating you?

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