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Friday, February 2, 2018

Adria Picks Ten: Things I Want to Learn

Okay so I’m a compulsive list maker. I have lists for EVERYTHING all over the place. I have music playlists on my phone, iPod, and Kindle which I have HANDWRITTEN in two journals and typed out on virtual notepads on said devices. I have a LONG list of book boyfriends, a short list of all time favorite reads, a list of TSTL characters, a list of auto buy authors… Heck some of my lists are funny or straight up weird so I thought Why not share them?. Maybe they’ll be good for a laugh or maybe you’ll want to start up your own list of lists. This is just in good fun really, well, for me it’s more like I need a place to put all these lists that drive everyone nuts around here.

Today’s List: Ten Things I Want to Learn/Do.

Lately I’ve been determined to add more fun and useful skills into my often times stressful life. So I made a list of things I’d like to learn or do for myself.

  1. Hand lettering. I’m actually learning this now. It’s been a process because I didn’t know that my hand would start to shake as I was learning. It’s been easier since I found the Tombow pens at Michael’s and I’m using my kindle to trace/practice the letters and such. It’s fun and relaxing. I’m also learning simple little doodles to go with it.
  2. Watercolor.
    I was the kid that LOVED art time in elementary school and just that little exposure had me wanting to learn how to paint all these years later. With YouTube it’s a lot easier to teach myself. I’m finding it super challenging but also rewarding when I get a technique down right.
  3. Book Binding/Making. I’ve always wanted to make my own journal because I have a specific size and design in mind. Again, youtube has proven so useful and I’ve found several ways to do it. I haven’t tried it yet since I’m doing the hand lettering and the water coloring right now.
  4. Leather Wrist Bands. I’ve always wanted one but they can be expensive, especially if I want it customized. So why not learn to do it myself right? Youtube is my friend but I also know someone who works with leather and she’s been very helpful in listing all the supplies I’d need for the future.
  5. Floor Tiling. I’ve talked about how my mom and I want to go tiny well one of the ways to keep the cost down in a tiny house (Or any house) that you’re having built is to help build it. I’d love to learn how to put floor tiles in myself. That way we could save on the cost but also change them whenever we wanted without the added cost of hiring someone to do it.
  6. Gardening. More specifically herbs. We use a lot of herbs these days, my mom for cooking, me for medicinal purposes for myself and Hayley so it would make sense to grow our own. That way I know EXACTLY what is going into them. Unfortunately I tend to murder plants so this one would take some time to study and practice.
  7. Dog Clothes. No, I’m not one of those people who dresses her dog up on a regular basis, which makes Hayley very glad but I do want to know how to make/sew things like jackets, sweaters, and yes, the occasional cute thing here and there. It’s incredibly difficult, not to mention expensive to find jackets for any dog bigger than a Chihuahua. Hayley’s robe was a lucky one off that was $10 at Target and they had her size. She’s not even as big as my Mr. Pud was! Though she is a bit chesty. Lol.
  8. Dog Collars.
    I LOVE shops like Dogs by the Bay and Huggable Hound because they carry better than your average collars. Fan of Game of Thrones? Dogs by the Bay has the house sigils for your dog! Love Marvel? You can get the comic strip or even Captain America’s shield as a collar for your best friend! I’ve gotten all of Hayley’s collars from both those shops and I love them but it can get expensive after a while. Not to mention that I’ve seen material in JoAnns that I’d love as a collar for Hayley but I can’t find a shop that has them or who will make it for a reasonable price. I’d love to make Hayley’s collars myself. Because she’s a puller and a bit of a rebel, she needs to have strong, sturdy martingale collars so that she doesn’t slip out of the collar and run off.
  9. Photography. I know a bit about taking pictures and even developing my own photos thanks to some great classes in high school but I never went beyond that and now that I’m older I’d love to relearn it. It’s a lost art that I think is underappreciated. Not to mention very rewarding to see your photos appear after working so hard to take them.
  10. Make Soap. This one makes me nervous because it involves chemicals and I flunked the crap out of chemistry in high school. Lol, but I would love to make some scented soaps for myself and friends. And I’ve spoken to other dog owners who make pet friendly shampoos for their dogs. With Hayley having allergies, I think making my own shampoo for her might work better than the expensive ones at the vet’s.

What about you guys? Anything you’d like to learn? Why do you want to learn it?

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