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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Review: Edge of Truth by Brynn Kelly

I wanted to fall in love with this book but the romance fell really flat while the suspense part was easily the best.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Release Date: December 26, 2017

Rotting in an African dungeon is the last place journalist Tess Newell expected to find herself. As she's held hostage by the terrorist group she's investigating, Tess's salvation—and temptation—arrives in the form of another prisoner. A French Foreign Legionnaire with a sinful smile and too many secrets to be anything but dangerous. Yet she knows he's her only hope of surviving.

The Legion is the only family Flynn has. His sanctuary and his purgatory, after years spent in hell. When a mission goes south and Flynn is captured, it's not the enemy that worries him, but the brazen, alluring reporter whose prying questions threaten to bring down his world—and the walls he's built around his heart.

Yet after a daring escape, Flynn must risk it all and go on the run with Tess to retrieve the evidence she needs. The chemistry between them threatens to detonate but, with the enemy fast closing in, time is running out to unravel the truth from the lies in this deadly conspiracy…

What’s it About? Journalist Tess Newell didn’t expect to escape the African dungeon she was being held in until her captors toss in another prisoner with her, a French Foreign Legionnaire known only as Flynn. Together they manage to escape but that’s only the first obstacle they face as they have to navigate enemy territory to recover incriminating evidence Tess hid away before she was captured. And that’s with almost an entire terrorist cell hunting them. Tess and Flynn share a rather quick attraction to one another but Flynn is hiding one heck of a secret that could stop their attraction from going anywhere, if the enemy doesn’t kill them first.

Overall reaction to the story? I had a hard time believing the romance in this one, as in, I didn’t buy it. The book feels like it takes place over a lengthy time when it actually doesn’t. The timeline is something like three days. Since Edge of Truth is classified as a romance that’s what caught my attention. I will say that this author excels in creating tense, dangerous situations with tons of action that feels like a big budget movie. I loved those scenes to bits which is why I didn’t DNF the book. Had the romance been at the same level as the action, Edge of Truth would have been a big winner with me.

Describe the hero in five words: Secretive. Intense. Charming. Brooding. Protective.
Did you like him? Yes.
Why? I love a hero who can be a total badass but can also crack a joke or two just to lighten up the mood. That was Flynn. At the oddest moments he’d say something that would break the tension of the situation he was in and bring a bit of humor into it. At the same time he kept people at arm’s length because he had a doozy of a secret he was understandably reluctant to share. As terrible as his secret is, I enjoyed how different it was compared to the usual “secrets” characters have. He was good at what he did but at the same time he still had to learn that there was more to life than living in the shadows.

Describe the heroine in five words: Naïve. Self-Righteous. Annoying. Bland. Stubborn.
Did you like her? No. Can’t you tell by the five words?
Why? Tess just did not win me over at all. She was stupidly naïve about how the world worked even as she sat in a dark prison after being tortured. She had this idea that stopping the bad guys would be as simple as handing over her evidence and getting it on air. She repeatedly argued with Flynn IN THE MIDDLE OF RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES people! She didn’t have the training that he had but yes, by all means tell him how to avoid being shot dead I’m sure you know better. *rolls eyes* I can at least say this about her: She didn’t trust easily which along with a whole lot of luck was why she didn’t die in the first two chapters. Which honestly would have been okay if she had been replaced by someone more worldly.

Let’s talk about the romance: No romance to be had to be honest. I wasn’t convinced that Tess wasn’t suffering from some form of Stockholm Syndrome because her “relationship” with Flynn went from “Hey other prisoner” to “Oh emm gee I totally love you” in like two days. That’s too quick for me. I can believe insta-lust but not insta-love, especially when it happens in a constant life or death situation like it did here. There were no moments of normal for them, just a lot of fighting or running for their lives, plus let’s not forget that Tess had been in an isolated state for awhile and Flynn was the first person she had contact with who didn’t torture her. The romance wasn’t built up the same way the action scenes were and that made it fall flat for me. Very flat. The book had a very unfinished feel to it when it came to their relationship. Kind of like it was just beginning rather than finishing on solid ground.

How about that supporting cast? Flynn’s team of Legionnaires were pretty interesting. They’re all carrying around some big secrets which gets my curiosity going but the fact that these guys are so loyal to one another really had me wanting to know more about them.

Click It or Skip It? If you’re looking for romance Skip It. If you’re up for an action packed suspense story then ignore the lack of romance and Click It.

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