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Friday, January 26, 2018

#BloggerLife Confessions: Part 2

Confession: This thing I started is a good thing right?

A little while ago I started an art journal, I showed my early progress on it and how I wanted to combine hand lettering with water coloring and create a journal with my artwork and some of my favorite quotes from movies, music, people, and all that good stuff.

Well it’s grown into something a bit larger since. I’ve actually separated it into three different things. I have my art journal as I originally envisioned it, a meal idea book, and a depression journal.

Let’s start with the meal idea book. I don’t do meal planners because inevitably I just won’t follow it. But I came up with an alternative idea.

Sometimes my mom and I need to make a meal at the house that doesn’t take long and we only have a day to get all the ingredients. We have a backlog of easy recipes but when the time comes to pull one up to mind, POOF! All the ideas scatter and we just sit across from each other going “Um…” So I thought to write out ALL the meals we usually make so that we can go and look at them whenever we need ideas. I get to use my favorite brand of paper, the Rhodia pad to do this as well as my Tombow brush pens, Crayola brush pens, vand a whole host of other really great pens to doodle and bring it to life.

It’s still in its early stages but coming along pretty neatly. Plus I get to doodle a bit in this one. I don't recommend working on one if you're hungry though. The kitchen isn't stocked right now so it's hell on my stomach when I'm working on this. Lol.

The depression journal is a little more challenging. This will be my third attempt at one in six months because they’re not easy. It’s difficult for me to just set aside some time to just write in a journal about my days as a person with depression. It’s dull, it’s boring, and it hasn’t really gone anywhere productive. I wanted to try again so I Googled “Depression Journal” and got all these really great and new to me ideas. For starters, every month there’s a mood tracker which is basically an image that had each day represented (April is a rainy day and each raindrop signifies a day in the month) and you create your own color code and color in each day according to how you felt. I love it!

The problem is, most of the templates for a lot of these mood trackers were things you had to buy. Um, no thanks. So I’m drawing them myself but at the same time I’ve come up with ideas for each month that are more representative of what I like or who I am as a person. February was short notice so I am going with the heart. If you want to see how many awesome ideas there are for mood trackers, you can check out the Pinterest Board I share with my sister (Who also suffers from depression). We’re both doing this but I’m taking it a bit further by writing down affirmations. I got the idea from Radical Transformation Project. Honestly it’s been a great help in helping remember that I’m not alone in this. There is a free planner that you can download if you sign up for the email list. I’m contemplating paying for some of the courses offered on the site too but not until I look into it more.

I’ve been looking at so many people’s blogs, sites, and social media accounts over the past week and it has been enlightening to say the least. I’ve actually gone and reached out to a few groups too because the clinic I go to is no longer offering at home counseling services which I need since I can’t ask someone to take me every week. It is what it is though and I do feel that I have to be proactive in fighting depression. I don’t want to just sit back and not even make an effort to gain control over my life. It hasn’t been easy and those are things I will write about in my journal. I really encourage everyone to do a mood track/thought journal, whether you suffer from mental illness or not. It’s cathartic, and it helps you really focus on what needs work in your life when done right and honestly.

I need a better way to hold my Tombow pens.
Of course, I can’t forget that I have become a maniac at Michael’s lately. They’ve added quite a bit of hand lettering/journaling supplies that have me over the moon. I will say that I wish they’d put the individual pens up higher as I’ve seen a number of unsupervised kids writing all over the place with them and I will be justifiably angry should I pay $3 for a pen that some kid used all the ink on.

I even bought some washi tape that was on clearance because there is a dog on there that looks a lot like Hayley. Now I’m hunting for washi tape I saw online that has a white cat and a ginger cat. Must represent the felines of the house.

Have any of you heard of mood trackers? Do you journal? What’s the best part for you?

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