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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Blog Tour: About That Kiss by Jill Shalvis (Review, Music Selection, + Giveaway)

I’ve read this book three times since I first got the ARC. Not even gonna deny it. It’s that much fun.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: January 23, 2018

When love drives you crazy, the best thing to do is enjoy the ride...
When sexy Joe Malone never calls after their explosive kiss, Kylie shoves him out of her mind. Until she needs a favor, and it's a doozy. Something precious to her has been stolen and there's only one person with unique finder-and-fixer skills that can help - Joe. It means swallowing her pride and somehow trying to avoid the temptation to throttle him - or seduce him.

the best thing to do . . .

No, Joe didn't call after the kiss. He's the fun time guy, not the forever guy. And Kylie, after all she's been through, deserves a good man who will stay. But everything about Kylie makes it damned hard to focus, and though his brain knows what he has to do, his heart isn't getting the memo.

… is enjoy the ride.

As Kylie and Joe go on the scavenger hunt of their lives, they discover surprising things about each other. Now, the best way for them to get over 'that kiss' might just be to replace it with a hundred more.

What’s it About? Joe Malone and Kylie Masters shared one heck of a kiss that left Kylie feeling out of sorts. Then he didn’t call. Fine right? Joe isn’t the forever guy, he’s the “for now” guy, if that, so she tries to push the attraction into a deep, dark closet. Unfortunately something comes up and she needs Joe’s help. So she asks him to help her find something that was stolen in exchange for her making a gift for his sister’s birthday and he agrees. Now they’re working together to solve a mystery and that means spending a lot of time together. Sometimes they’re arguing, sometimes they’re kissing, and sometimes they’re thinking that maybe they’ve found something worth keeping.

Overall reaction to the story? Jill Shalvis’ books are pure magic! Her characters wiggle their way into a permanent place in your heart and there’s nothing you want to do about it! I loved being able to jump back into this stellar group of friends. The bonds between each of them are part of what makes them my favorite cast of characters. Joe and Kylie seem like an unusual pair with Joe being the playboy of the group and Kylie being a forever kind of person. I loved their verbal sparring and the way Shalvis built up their relationship from “Not a Chance” to “No One Else Will Do” with plenty of laughs along the way. I tell you, there’s something really special about this group from Heartbreaker Bay, they always put a smile on my face.

Describe the hero in five words: Enigmatic. Flirty. Loyal. Cocky. Friendly.
Did you like him? Yes.
Why? Joe may be a fling kind of guy but I can’t help but like him. He’s a great guy and has every quality that makes him a friend you’d want to have. He just doesn’t do relationships and for believable reason too. Throughout the series he has always come across as a carefree playboy but About That Kiss went beyond his food, fun, and women attitude to show a man who was riddled with guilt. He punished himself for the bad choices he made in his youth and made sure women didn’t stay in his life long enough to be a threat to his self imposed emotional isolation. His internal conflict contrasted with the persona he showed to everyone else and to me made him feel more real and more of a leading man rather than just the “sidekick” he was in past books.

Describe the heroine in five words: Quirky. Loyal. Intelligent. Funny. Caring.
Did you like her? Yes.
Why? Like Joe, Kylie was more of a sidekick in previous books, she had a funny thing to say here, a bit of advice there but now everything in her life is laid bare and the result is yet another character to love. Kylie has such a relatable brand of crazy that made her such fun and qualities that made her stand out among her female friends, starting with her profession. She’s a woodworker! I loved that we get to see her in her element rather than just hearing her talk about it! But despite having a group of loving friends, Kylie still seemed lonely because she didn’t let people see her broken side, the side that wished for someone to love her and not leave her like her parents did. Even with her vulnerabilities though she was a feisty one and didn’t let Joe get away with ruffling her feathers. She was clever enough to have the last word once in awhile and throw Mr. Fun Time off balance.

Let’s talk about the romance: Joe and Kylie’s relationship was part attraction, part competitiveness. They constantly tried to put the other off balance and that was part of the fun. They balanced out each other’s crazy. Joe brought a bit of calm organization and Kylie shook him out of his “No Strings” comfort zone. These two were hyper aware of each other long before they kissed and that tension took their chemistry up a couple of notches. What I really enjoy about Shalvis’ couples is that they don’t just fall in love, they build a real friendship with the person they fall for and Joe and Kylie are no exception. While they got to know each other though there were plenty of laugh out loud moments that really made my day.

     He bit down gently and a shock ran through her body, all the way to her toes, just as Vinnie trotted back into the living room and dropped something at their feet.
     Breaking free, Kylie started to smile, so proud. “Yes! You’ve finally learned to fetch—” She broke off in horror as Joe burst out laughing.
     Vinnie had “fetched” her vibrator.
     Face flaming, she bent and scooped it up and shoved it beneath a couch cushion. “I have no idea how he got ahold of that . . . light saber.”
     At that, Joe only laughed harder. He had to bend over and put his hands on his knees, and by the time he’d finished and straightened back up, swiping at his eyes, she was hands on hips, definitely cooled off . . . and so embarrassed she could hardly talk. “You have to go now,” she managed.
     “Because you don’t need me since you have a vibrator?”
     “Light saber!” She opened the front door.

How about that supporting cast? Kylie and Joe both belong to the same group of friends so they weren’t total strangers. I just adore this group to pieces, they’re the right combination of honesty, love, support, and humor. They’re all so different from each other yet they function as a real family, complete with crazy as heck moments that always have me wishing I had a group like them. Joe’s sister Molly and their dad were something else too. Molly has been around since the beginning since she’s also part of the crazy group of friends but it was nice to see her and Joe have a typical sibling relationship and for them to have moments with their father that were just too funny to only read once.
My question is this—are you insane or just stupid?”
     Honestly, there was a strong chance that he was both. His phone buzzed an incoming text. “Hold that thought,” he muttered and pulled out the phone to look at the text in order to make sure it wasn’t one of the guys or Kylie.
DAD: Did you talk to the asshole yet?
JOE: Dad, I think you texted the wrong person.
Yep, meant that for your sister.
Wait. What asshole? Did you mean me?
. . .

Joe shook his head and put his phone away. “What does Dad want you to talk to me about?”
     “He wants you to fall for Kylie. We have meetings about it. I’m to report back.”
     Joe just stared at her, trying to absorb this. “And you’re going to report back what, exactly?”
     “That it’s too late. You’ve blown it to smithereens.”

Click It or Skip It? Click It. If you only read one romance this year, make it About That Kiss.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis writes warm, funny, sexy contemporary romances and women’s fiction. An Amazon, BN & iBooks bestseller, she’s also a two-time RITA winner and has more than 10 million copies of her books sold worldwide.

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