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Monday, January 1, 2018

Blog All About It Hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

Happy New Year everyone!

Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup has come up with a great challenge for 2018! Each month will have a prompt and participating bloggers will blog about something that fits that prompt! I love this because I struggle to come up with non-review things to talk about. I lead a boring life guys so this is a huge help for me. I’ll be sharing my topic on the first weekday of every month and I’m definitely going to be poking around the other participating blogs to see what they have to say.

January’s Prompt: Winter.

Blue, sunny sky...
What winter??? I live in Texas and like a lot of places in proximity; we’re mostly hot and dry. This year has been no exception. It’s been a whole lotta 60 and 70 degree temps which might sound awesome to those of you who get snow every year but let me tell you, it’s not.

First things first, in order for ragweed and other allergy inducing plants to die and thus end mine and Hayley’s sneezing and scratching, there needs to be a frost for a few days to kill the resilient buggers. So no true winter means more allergies! Bad!

What’s worse though is that no real winter means that bugs don’t go back to hell where they belong. Nope, I get no reprieve from those creepy fuckers that wait until I’m vulnerable at night and then scare the living daylights out of me. So yeah, I hate that the most. There is sadly no pill that can cure a phobia yet.

To be fair though we did get like three pretty cold days (Though the other citizens of my city would say it was freezing, it was in fact, just pretty cold) which were glorious. Especially that one day that was cloudy and there were little flakes of white stuff that I have since been told was snow. Huh, it’s been years since I’ve seen snow so I think I forgot what it looked like.

If you haven’t deduced by now, I love winter. I love the respite it USED to offer me but each year the winters get warmer and warmer and that’s very disappointing to me. For many reasons. I remember being a kid and coming down from Albuquerque to visit relatives and we’d get snow around Christmas. Not a whole lot granted but it was enough to make the holidays feel like holidays. Now I know that some places in the world like Australia have hot Christmases and they’re used to that but I’m not. I need the cold and I would have liked some snow this winter. It’s also something that helps me remember simpler times in my life. A lot of my happiest memories happened in the snow and cold weather while a lot of my miserable ones happened in the summer.

This winter hasn’t been all bad though, for Christmas we set up a brand new, if not scraggly looking tree to symbolize a start in a new way of thinking to help with some important goals for the new year. That dang tree has been a source of a lot of laughs because Hayley decided it was just a giant extension of her toy box and spent a good portion of each day yanking the ribbon, pulling down ornaments, and grabbing the branches to try and drag it into the room. She’s barked at it because it won’t be moved, shoved it with her nose when she was told it wasn’t for her, and knocked it down twice when she got the crazies running around the house.

My dog has her own Insta.
The few cold days have also provided us with an excuse to make her wear her onesie and new robe. Yes, folks, Hayley got a robe for Christmas. It’s soft, and cuddly just like her and at night when she goes out, we put it on her because she looks cute, it keeps her warm, and it’s the only material she doesn’t freak out over wearing (With allergies some materials make her itchy).

I know, she looks funny with the onesie. The truth is, Hayley is a bit... busty but she's also pretty short (People always thinks she's a puppy and I have to tell them no, she's just a midget) so a medium won't fit in the chest area but length wise it's not too bad. This onesie is a large which fits her chest but she looks like a little kid in adult clothing. This causes much laughter and Hayley will bark at us because she doesn't care to be laughed at unless she's getting food.

So while the winter here has been less than enjoyable, it still brought some pretty amusing moments.

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