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Monday, January 1, 2018

Best Reads of 2017 List + Giveaway!

Happy New Year!!!

Hey guys! Welcome back! I hope you had a festive holiday season and are ready to start the New Year.

I decided to do this a little differently this year. Instead of running it in December, I am running it today to kind of kick off the first day of the New Year in a positive way. The following list has the books I couldn’t get enough of and have re-read over and over again since they were released. Take a look at the list, if you’re not familiar with that book, check out my review on it and then let me know which one(s) you think would interest you. One lucky person will be randomly drawn and will get to pick one book from my list to add to their collection. If you have your own list of great reads from 2017 share it with me! I’d love to see what books you couldn’t get enough of!

Undeniable Temptation by Eden Summers - I was really sad to see the Reckless Beat series end but I’m glad it was with Ryan and Leah. There were laughs, a few tears, and one big sigh of relief at the end (Stupid Julie). I’ll never stop loving this series and will always come back to it when I need a smile.Review.

Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis - Archer and Elle’s friends to lovers story was just what I needed to kick off the new year. It had humor, heart, and of course the rest of the wacky gang that made up their friends. I can’t get enough of this group!Review.

Her True Match by Paige Tyler - I was super shocked with this one. Not because I didn’t expect it to be good, it’s a Paige Tyler book so it’s definitely going to be good. Nope, the shock came from how the bigger plot that has been going on since the beginning of the series was shaken up in a big way. That made a serious impression on me and made this book land on my best reads list.Review.

Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas - I was not disappointed by Gabriel and Pandora’s story. I adored Pandora and connected with her immediately. As for Gabriel, oh boy, he joined his father Sebastain on my list of book boyfriends. I can’t say enough about the romance between the new St. Vincent and Lady Ravenel, it was worth the wait twice over.Review.

Falling for the Bad Girl by Nina Croft - A rather sexy take on the whole cops and robbers theme pits Detective Nathan Carter against the would-be jewel thief he put in jail, Regan Malloy. She spent three years in prison and now that she’s out she wants to start over. Instead she and Nathan meet up again and start a really hot and heavy physical affair. Because those just always work out right? Lol. Seriously, I loved the idea of female ex-cons and Nina Croft made Regan likable but tough. Review.

If the Duke Demands by Anna Harrington - A spin off from another great series, this book introduces the formerly wild, now somewhat tamed Carlisle brothers starting with a case of mistaken identity when Miranda Hodgkins thinks she’s snuck into Robert Carlisle’s room but instead comes face-to-face with his older brother Sebastian! A class warfare romance that just warmed my heart and set the bar high for the rest of the series.Review.

The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon - *sighs* I credit Jessica Lemmon for showing me that not all authors write asshole billionaires with stalker/control freak tendencies or heroines who show a definite lack of spine. All three books in this series are amazing but Eli’s story comes with some added complications. Think of it as a modern day Beauty and the Beast but with a woman who isn’t afraid to chew the Beast out once in a while. Review.

When the Marquess Falls by Lorraine Heath - I love Lorraine Heath’s books even though I have yet to read ALL of them (Challenge accepted) yet, but this novella of love, loss, and the hope of reuniting in the afterlife is one I couldn’t put down at all. I needed tissues for this one folks. Absolutely lovely. Review.

The Daring Duke by Jess Michaels - Not gonna lie, the thought of 10 dukes is a hot one. This book introduced 10 boys, all destined to become dukes one day who bonded through love, loss, hatred, and loneliness. James is the unofficial leader of the group since he’s the one who formed the club and his romance with Emma was sigh worthy, drool worthy, and made me just a touch green with envy. A great fake engagement trope example. Review.

I Dared the Duke by Anna Bennett - This one was a real battle of wits and wills and I loved every moment of it! Alex and Beth were both so stubborn and pigheaded as they clashed but at the same time they enjoyed trying to one up each other. Nothing like a hired companion who isn’t afraid to take on a duke she feels is ignoring his sweet grandmother.Review.

All I Want is You by Candace Havens - Oh. My. Biker. Yes, this hot and heavy romance had a hero that was a rich biker hell bent on protecting his family’s business from his father who marries and divorces women like it’s going out of style, and a heroine who is a tough as nails ballerina. Total opposites right? I just loved the hell outta this fake marriage romance. Review.

Wedded Bliss by Celeste Bradley - This is a gem of a book in the Worthington series which hasn’t always been a hit with me. A web of lies and mistrust cause highborn bastard Morgan Pryce to trick Bliss Worthington into marrying him. He thinks he’s saving his titled half brother Neville from a gold digger and instead Morgan finds himself enchanted by his bride, meanwhile Bliss just wants an annulment so she can marry Neville whom she’s convinced she’s in love with. These two dance around their mutual attraction for so long but it’s a deliciously sexy dance that leads to a happy ending all around. Review.

Never Trust a Pirate by Valerie Bowman - I just LOVE a good historical spy romance but sadly there aren’t many. The good news is that this was one of them! Black sheep Cade Cavendish is rumored to be a pirate, among other things and he likes it that way. Then he meets Danielle LaCross at his twin brother’s estate and not only are their fireworks but these two have to work together to uncover the whereabouts of a common enemy. Danielle is a heroine I so desperately needed in a historical romance, the kind who doesn’t spend endless amounts of time blushing and who can handle herself in a fight. Review.

An Affair with a Notorious Heiress by Lorraine Heath - I love a scandalous character in historical romance and I loved this one even more because the scandalous character is a woman who caused an uproar after my own heart. Tillie, Lady Landsdowne isn’t what she seems and that’s what I loved about her. Alistair Mabry, Marquess of Rexton thinks he wants a wife with a pristine reputation so watching him fall for someone like Tillie was so much fun. Review.

Resurrection by Katie Reus - Katie is one of the best romantic suspense writers hands down. She writes bad ass WOMEN in her books. The type who hold their own and don’t cower behind the men, expecting them to do all the heavy lifting. This first book in her new series opened up with a bang and I couldn’t be happier. The heroine Skye is a total BAMF and can take care of herself which is what make her second chance romance with Colt Stuart, also a BAMF super hot and addictive. Review.

The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean - Man oh man but I just LOVED this second chance romance because the book took a character like Malcolm, the Duke of Bevingstoke who committed a HUGE no-no (for a lot of romance fans) and turned him into a hero worthy of a second chance with his wife, Serafina. Sarah MacLean handled the delicate subject of Mal’s mistake in a way that had me going from “Oh hell no, not this asshole!” To “Okay, THIS is what love is really about, forgiving someone who proves that they really want it and have changed.” Review.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare - OMG YAY! Tessa Dare is back to doing what she does best: Writing witty, charming, fun historical romance! I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t a fan of the Castles Ever After series, it was missing what this book had in abundance. The Duke of Ashbury and Emma, his bride of convenience have ample chemistry between them but a delightful bonus was Emma’s determination to find a pet name for her reluctant husband which annoyed, exasperated, and amused Ash throughout the whole story. Review.

Lady Eleanor’s Seventh Suitor by Anna Bradley - I love a good revenge romance, for me it’s all about that moment when the person who wants revenge (Cam) and has fine tuned his plan to the letter, ends up screwing up his own plans by falling head over ass in love with his target, or in this case, the woman he was going to use to get revenge (Eleanor). I’m evil that way but I loved that Anna Bradley didn’t deprive me of that moment, in addition to telling a really good story, complete with hot as heck chemistry. Review.

The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries - I love Sabrina Jeffries and I love this book in her Sinful Suitors series. The second chance romance between Niall and Brilliana felt a bit um, sexier than what Jeffries usually does with her characters but boy did it work out in the end because these two are just combustible together even when they have an ocean of misunderstandings between them. Review.

Animal Attraction by Katee Robert - The way some women love a man who loves babies is the way I love a man who loves animals. Enter Levi Turnbull. Billionaire. Geek. Animal Rescuer. Just my luck that the perfect man for me is 1.) Fictional. 2.) Taken. Sucks to be me. Review.

The Scot Beds His Wife by Kerrigan Byrne - Another great historical romance with a heroine who doesn’t wilt like a flower in the face of danger. I loved this one because the heroine is an American outlaw who flees to Scotland under a false name where she meets a handsome Scot who thinks she’s the heiress to a piece of land he desperately wants. All the twists and turns make for an unforgettable reading experience. Review.

Lady Charlotte’s First Love by Anna Bradley - In her sister’s book (Lady Eleanor’s Seventh Suitor), Charlotte Sutherland met Julian West (He’s the cousin of the man Charlotte’s sister ends up marrying) and she fell passionately in love but when Julian’s role in his cousin’s revenge plan was revealed her heart shattered and she married another man while Julian went off to war. Now she’s widowed and he’s come back a damaged man. This one had all sorts of angst and longing, not too much to drive me batty, but enough to make a point. These two characters carried a lot of baggage but in the end this story impressed the heck out of me with its character growth. Review.

Head Over Heels by Jennifer Dawson - This series by Jennifer Dawson has me loving on small town romances. She’s one of those authors who can set a series in a small town without making you feel like you’re suffocating on all that… Small town-ness. This book is the ultimate City Mouse/Country Mouse story, but dirtier. Sophie and Ryder do NOT get off on the right foot but there’s a hotter than hot chemistry between them that won’t be denied. Grab some ice water though, you’ll need it. Review.

Dirty Boxing by Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt - Okay so you know how most romances that have fighters as heroes have them as these darkly brooding, intense figures of fantasy? Well not in this book! I mean Nick is pretty intense when he’s fighting but in his personal life he’s a fun, lighthearted, charming guy with an excellent sense of humor. This was such a turnaround compared to what I was expecting, he was a standout character. Review.

The Duke by Katharine Ashe - I’ve only read a handful of Ashe’s books (damn you adult life) but I’ve always enjoyed myself. This particular book though, it has a grand, epic, time spanning romance feel to it which I just loved to pieces. It didn’t go on forever, somehow the author was able to convey how time had passed without boring readers to tears with “filler” scenes. I had one bit of an issue with the large cast of supporting characters but that didn’t take away from how romantic I thought this story was. Review.

Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt - I couldn’t NOT have at least one of her books on this list. Elizabeth Hoyt’s writing style just stands out, especially with her Maiden Lane series. This final full length novel in the Georgian England era didn’t disappoint in the least. A real Beauty and the Beast type romance, Duke of Desire mixes Hoyt’s signature raw, earthy passion with danger and unexpected emotion within the cynical, scarred hero. Review.

Once Upon a Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt - The FINAL story in the Maiden Lane series is a novella featuring two secondary, almost forgettable characters: Adam Rutledge, the Viscount d'Arque (Thief of Shadows) and Sarah St. John (Lord of Darkness) but in true Hoyt fashion, she makes them the stars of this holiday romance and provides a lovely, upbeat ending to a series that in my opinion will stand out as one of the best historical romance series ever.Review.

Wolf Hunger by Paige Tyler - I love Tyler’s SWAT series, it’s fast paced and addictive but this book just opened up a can of worms for the team and it upped the ante for these guys who prior to this book seemed indestructible. Max and Lana’s romance was no slouch either, especially since Lana didn’t know she was a werewolf! Review.

So that's my list. It's not quite as long as I thought it was going to be. Lol. I'll be keeping track of awesome reads this year too but in the meantime let's get to that giveaway huh? One lucky person will win their pick of ONE book from my list in kindle format. So good luck!

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