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Friday, January 5, 2018

Agents of SHIELD So Far...

Agents of SHIELD has been "The Show That Could" since it first aired on September 24, 2013. Marvel was still riding high on the success of The Avengers, which had been released the previous year, so a t.v. show where fan favorite Phil Coulson was shown to have survived his encounter with Loki sounded like a sure thing right?

Well, not really. From the start the show struggled to find its niche among predominantly drama shows. It didn't help that the first half of season 1 seemed to be more comedic fluff than anything. I liked the cheekiness of the pilot episode (Remember when Ward was injected with truth serum by Coulson in order to gain the cooperation of hacktivist Skye?) because it worked in THAT episode.

From there the show fluctuated, well it kind of bottomed out for me because I didn't tune in regularly, only catching bits and pieces here and there of season one until the show took the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and turned the series upside down. Grant Ward, team protector, and the object of Skye's affection was HYDRA all along! He went on a murdering spree, almost killing former team members and super science team FitzSimmons in the process. That plot was a good one and created a lot of suspense that I hoped would begin a new type of show.

Well season 2 started off strong with Ward being imprisoned by Coulson and co then subsequently breaking free to be a thorn in their side for the whole season. That season also brought the revelation that Skye wasn't an orphan, she was an Inhuman, and her parents named her Daisy.

Season 2 put the Ward plot on hold mid-season in order to give Skye/Daisy (It was a hard transition for everyone to call her Daisy) her moment in the sun and to show how psycho her parents were. In the end, Daisy was left as a sort of orphan as her father killed her mother because she was going to kill Daisy. Then SHIELD erased his memory and last we saw of papa Johnson, he was treating animals at a clinic.

Unfortunately instead of keeping the duplicitous Ward around for the foreseeable future, he bit he dust in the middle of season 3 amid a weak sub plot that revolved around Simmons being sent to another planet, falling for the only other human on that depressing planet, and Fitz coming to her rescue. Ward died at Coulson's hands on that planet only to have his body inhabited by an evil alien who was the villain for the rest of the not so amazing season 3.

Then came season 4 with ... Ghost Rider! I admit I was apprehensive about yet another new character on a show that I felt already had too many characters going no where but he was a total bad ass and gave the show a grittier, edgier vibe that it desperately needed at this point. Alas my joy was short lived because they did away with Robbie Reyes in the mid-season finale in a lame way.

By this point I was ready to chuck this show in the "Fuck It" bucket and move on but just as I was about to call it quits because they introduced a scientist named Radcliffe who then made a human form AI robot named AIDA (Age of Ultron anyone?), The Framework story line was introduced. AIDA and Radcliffe created a virtual world called The Framework and of course as it always goes with an AI robot, AIDA took control and put the whole team in The Framework (Minus Daisy and Simmons) where SHIELD lost the war and HYDRA ruled with an iron fist. It was a bleak, chilling look at how things could have been. AIDA was also in The Framework but she was Ophelia, aka Madame HYDRA and Fitz was her second in command and her lover. Coulson was a teacher, and May was an agent of HYDRA.

When Daisy and Simmons hooked themselves up to The Framework the real fun began because in that world Simmons was dead, and Daisy wasn't Daisy, she was Skye again and she was dating... Grant Ward (It was great seeing Brett Dalton back as Ward, even an alternative one). Yeah it was one heck of ride that I couldn't get enough of. By the last two episodes, the team had managed to break out of The Framework but the damage was done, they each felt like they had two lives in their heads, with Fitz feeling guilty that his actions in The Framework cost the life of director Jeffrey Mace.

Meanwhile AIDA/Ophelia had been working on her own plan: Building a flesh and bone human body so that she could finally have free will and feel emotions. Not good when combined with her obsession with Fitz and a whole host of Inhuman abilities that she gave herself. She was a ticking time bomb and I didn't have to wait for her to go off.

Well there was a moment when the newly human Ophelia looked like she'd be a good guy, until Fitz told her that while they were lovers in The Framework, he would only ever have room in his heart for Simmons. Well, Ophelia lost her shit and went on a rampage.Talk about not taking being dumped very well!

Another good villain that didn't get the chance to shine because she quickly got taken out. I can't be too mad though because Ghost Rider came back and the end of last season saw the team get kidnapped and apparently they ended up in outer space.

Where season 5 began.

The team (minus Fitz) IS in outer space but the twist is that they were sent 70 years into the future where Earth is no more and the survivors all live on a Kree ship in dystopian conditions. O.M.G but this season has been the season we should have had in the beginning, the one with grit and tears, and despair so that we could watch this ragtag team crawl out and conquer over enemies that don't pull any punches.

As of December 22, 2017 Simmons has been taken to the creepy Kree leader of the ship, Kasius as a pretty trophy, Coulson, May, Yo-Yo, and Mack are working like slaves in the lower levels of the ship, and Daisy is being held by Kasius who has been revealed to make money selling Inhumans as fighters to the highest bidder. Think gladiators with powers. Oh and Daisy is believed to be the one who destroyed the world. Fitz has also finally joined the team in the future after being put into an alien cryo chamber 70 years before (There's an interesting story line to explain that so watch episode 5).

I left out a whole bunch of stuff that has happened on the show, including my favorite moments (Lady Sif!!) but you get the gist right? I eagerly await tonight's episode. It feels like ages since the last one but that's probably because there was no new episode last week. I haven't been this excited about the show since the "Ward is HYDRA" plot!

Bottom Line, if you stopped watching SHIELD a while back, it's time to pick it up again because it's FINALLY where it should be. If you haven't started watching, start watching now and maybe when you get the chance, catch up on the older episodes so that you can understand where each character is coming from.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D airs on Friday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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