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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Review: Cowboy it's Cold Outside by Lori Wilde

Not a bad holiday romance at all. I enjoyed the characters and it was also my first time reading this author.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: October 31, 2017

Everyone in town knows that Christmas in Twilight has a way of bringing lovers together . . . but will its magic bring this pair from “I won’t” to “I do”?

Wearing a too-tight “Santa Baby” costume held in by a double pair of Spanx, Paige MacGregor runs headlong into a gorgeous, grey-eyed hunk of a long, tall cowboy. And not just any cowboy, but country-western star Cash Colton, visiting Twilight to perform in a charity concert. Most women would melt at his feet, but Paige knows all too much about self-assured men with cocky attitudes, so she tells him to get lost.

Cash is in town, nursing his own broken heart, but Paige has knocked him off his feet. He’s convinced she’s perfect—someone to inspire his music and share his now-empty bed. True, he’s not marriage material, but he’s determined to convince her that they’re perfect together—at least for a while. But what he doesn’t count on is falling in love with the one woman who isn’t about to give him the time of day!

What’s it About? While visiting Twilight for a charity concert, country singer Cash Colton runs into local Paige MacGregor and is instantly intrigued by the fact that she’s the only woman in a long time to not be impressed by his celebrity status. As far as Paige is concerned men like Cash are too arrogant and too much trouble to give the time of day to. But Cash is determined to convince Paige that they could have a good but temporary thing between them. An added bonus is that Paige is the inspiration Cash needs for his music, and a town like Twilight is infamous for bringing people together.

Overall reaction to the story? Cowboy it’s Cold Outside is the first book by Lori Wilde that I’ve read and I enjoyed the author’s style of writing. There’s a lot of charm, wit, and Christmas magic going around. I liked that it was a holiday story that wasn’t too sweet but it wasn’t a mood killer either. Cash and Paige were such a good couple and despite one issue I had with Paige, I really liked both characters. I will say that the book got a bit wordy in some places where less would definitely have been better. That dragged down the pace and my enjoyment a bit but as far as first time reading experiences go, I’d definitely pick up another Lori Wilde book in the future.

Describe the hero in five words: Giving. Confident. Smart. Talented. Fun.
Did you like him? Yes.
Why? Cash may come across as just another arrogant celebrity type character but there was more to him than that and it’s part of his appeal. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve and he isn’t na├»ve but I liked that there was a part of him that held on to the idea of helping those in a tough situation. I think part of that came from him being a celebrity yet he was still so isolated and alone when it came to having someone who wanted him for him and not for his status. He’s a fun guy though, he doesn’t brood and mope all the time. He’s definitely a “More Than Meets the Eye” kind of character.

Describe the heroine in five words: Spunky. Tough. Intelligent. Caring. Stubborn.
Did you like her? Yes except for that one time…
Why? Paige hasn’t had an easy life but it hasn’t turned her into a bitter shrew which is a relief because Cowboy it’s Cold Outside has more of a sweet holiday feel to it rather than a retelling of the Grinch. I liked her survivor attitude because it was balanced out with a good heart that still wanted to do her part to spread Christmas cheer, even if it meant being uncomfortable in a too tight Christmas outfit. I loved that she didn’t fall over Cash or make things easy on him because he was this hunky singer. If anything Paige saw that as a big mark in the “Nope” column which made for some interesting and humbling scenes with Cash.

Let’s talk about the romance: Cash’s freewheeling lifestyle and Paige’s more down to earth personality made them clash sometimes but in the end it was what balanced out their romance, making it something believable and fun. They each brought their own challenges to the relationship and it was tough on them both as they tried to deal with those problems all while trying to figure out just what was happening between them. I loved them together. The one thing I will say is that towards the end Paige messes up things between her and Cash and yet she never apologizes or does any groveling to make it up to him, it’s Cash that apologizes and that had me going “What? Why? He wasn’t the one who screwed up!”

Click It or Skip It? Click It. Despite the sometimes over the top wording, and Paige’s non-apology, Cowboy it’s Cold Outside is a fun, heartwarming holiday read.

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