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Friday, December 1, 2017

Adria Picks Ten: Songs to Start the Christmas Season!

Okay so I’m a compulsive list maker. I have lists for EVERYTHING all over the place. I have music playlists on my phone, iPod, and Kindle which I have HANDWRITTEN in two journals and typed out on virtual notepads on said devices. I have a LONG list of book boyfriends, a short list of all time favorite reads, a list of TSTL characters, a list of auto buy authors… Heck some of my lists are funny or straight up weird so I thought Why not share them?. Maybe they’ll be good for a laugh or maybe you’ll want to start up your own list of lists. This is just in good fun really, well, for me it’s more like I need a place to put all these lists that drive everyone nuts around here.

Today’s List: Ten Songs to Start the Christmas Season!


I’m usually not a Christmas song person, they drive me nuts. My mom however LOVES Christmas music and she’ll start listening as early as October. That’s probably why they drive me nuts, it’s almost three months of the same songs over and over again just sung by different people. Lol.

This year I’m trying to be less Grinch and more Elf so I started finding the handful of Christmas songs that make me happy and just listen to them. It’s working, I’ve even found some new takes on old classics that I added to my Spotify list.

In case anyone is trying to get into the Christmas spirit or just enjoys Christmas music, here are my top ten Christmas songs to Start the Christmas Season!

Carol of the Bells (Lindsey Stirling’s version) – I LOVE Lindsey. I’m a big fan of classical music and really it needs to be appreciated more. Lindsey brings classical together with dubstep (Which I don’t care for) and creates her own style of playing classic songs as well as original music. She is helping bring the beauty of the violin to the younger generation which I’m all for. She just released a Christmas album this year and I’m all over the songs even though I have no idea who the “young-ins” are that sing on some of the songs. Lol. If you’re curious, Lindsey has three other albums out and my favorite piece of her is The Arena in which she dances with Derek Hough. It’s a great video and that’s the first time I ever heard her play the violin. Sadly I wasn’t able to see her in concert when she came to town a few days ago but I have hope I will be able to see her live one day.

Silent Night/Lord of My Life (Lady Antebellum’s version) – I’m not a big fan of the religious tunes to be honest but the harmonizing and arrangement of this song is so beautiful I can’t resist it.

I can say with all honesty that this amazing trio is just as good live. I saw them in a bar right before they hit it big and I sent my mom to see them in concert two years later.

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra – I LOVE the way they’ve livened up the same old tunes with some electric guitar! This one is my favorite though. It just builds and builds until it goes full out with all the instruments. I can easily picture a beautiful snow scene with this one. Yes, I’m one of those people who loves snow.

Which would explain why I love Elsa from Frozen so much.

Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson – I love this one because it’s upbeat, positive, and NEW. Lol. The whole song puts me in the mood to put on my Christmas hat (My mom’s idea) and dance. I have an elf hat with ears that my mom got me. I have to wear it on Christmas Eve. And sometimes a week before that. Depends on my mom’s mood. Lol.

I did mention she loves Christmas right?

Christmas Cookies by George Strait – I love me some George Strait guys. He’s the only country singer from back in the day whose songs don’t make my ears bleed (I’m strictly modern country) aside from Garth Brooks who also has amazing songs. This song is a little bittersweet though, I used to sing it every year to Mr. Pud because he was such a cookie monster and I used to tell him that this was his song. So when I hear it I smile and sometimes a few tears come out because I miss my little boy.

J-I-N-G-L-E Bells by Frank Sinatra – It’s Sinatra so naturally there’s a different spin on this song. I love Sinatra songs and it was my mom that found this one and got it.

 I had to add it to my list because it’s just peppy and fun. And Frank Sinatra.

Last Christmas by Wham! – This is a classic Christmas song to me. I’m not a big Wham! Fan but my mom is and I always associate this song with her. She LOVES this song like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s catchy and honestly I hate it when people remake it. It doesn’t sound the same to me, less authentic I guess. I don’t know, I just prefer the original. Lol.

I’m weird that way.

Santa Baby by Michael Buble – It’s great to hear a guy’s take on this song plus I’m a big fan of this guy’s voice. He can sing anything and I’d be happy.

My mom and I have decided that the girl’s version is one of Hayley’s Christmas songs. That girl would try and sweet talk Santa into giving her everything on her list.

It’s Christmas Time Again by The Backstreet Boys – Yup, I’m a boy band fan. At least I was when I was a teenager. This song came out a few years ago but since BSB was big when I was a teen, it just takes me back to those less complicated but much more dramatic days when I was mooning over someone who didn’t know I existed, friends with someone I wish I hadn’t lost, and life was just simpler.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman by the cast of Frozen – Technically not a Christmas song but I love it and it reminds me of me and my sister.

Those are my picks. What about you? Do you have songs that ring in the Christmas season for you? Or maybe you just love Christmas songs in general. Let me know in the comments!

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