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Monday, November 27, 2017

So How Was Your Thanksgiving?

How is everyone doing??? I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one. Mine was interesting to say the least and I have pictures!

This year my mom changed it up by buying a whole turkey instead of just the turkey breast. Okay so she didn’t so much as change it up as we didn’t have money to buy the breasts. That’s okay because the food was SO good! And for that I’m grateful.

Thanksgiving Day started at 4 a.m. for my mom because that’s when she puts the turkey in to cook.

My mom and her holiday hat.
We’re lunchtime eaters because that way we can nap after and then just warm up the food for dinner. I didn’t get up until 9 a.m. when Hayley decided that she’d had enough of waiting for HER turkey to come to her so she forced me off my sofa/bed and into the kitchen where she wasn’t pleased to find out that HER turkey wasn’t done yet.

She sat in front of me like it was my fault and stared at me like this for a solid ten minutes. It was disconcerting. And accusatory.

Since I am not the type of person to be trusted cooking something as big as a Thanksgiving meal, I was on dish duty which wasn’t bad except for a certain dog who was following my every move and then switched to following my mom. It wasn’t a big deal until it came time to help with the stuffing (aka dressing depending on where you’re from).

So I’m helping my mom make the stuffing, okay so I didn’t help so much as just stir it but still… Anyway, my mom and I had to stand a certain way because Hayley muscled her way in between to keep an eye on things and make sure we were making the stuffing to her specifications. Like it was hers to eat.

Of course, once I went to sit down at the table to look for a recipe my mom wanted, Hayley decided to employ her best “But I Want Food Mom” look. Poor thing was just desperate for a taste of the turkey. She had been “kissing” it every time I opened the fridge leading up to the night before Thanksgiving.

She got fed up after a while and decided to nap under the Christmas tree.

Finally the food was ready and it was so worth the wait! We were able to have turkey, mashed potatoes (with parsley), green beans, and stuffing! Hayley got her turkey with her meal and we discovered that a small amount of turkey + a lot of excitement = a very tired Hayley.

She fell asleep with my mom, the poor dears were tuckered out. If you didn't know better you'd think Hayley was a perfect angel...

Until you bring out the cheesecake. Then she’s a monster! She actually did something she’s never done before and that’s take a bite out of my paper plate! Look at her face! She’s like “Give me that cake!” I tell you, Thanksgiving brought out her crazy big time!

However, as nuts as Hayley was on Thanksgiving, it was just what we needed to temporarily forget our troubles. Which I suspect was her intention all along. I have a smart and caring dog guys. She’s got a big attitude in a tiny body and that’s one of the many things I love about her. So goodbye Thanksgiving, onto Christmas. And Hayley’s birthday!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, how did it go? Any memorable moments? Did you hit the stores on Black Friday or did you stay in like me?

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