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Friday, November 10, 2017

Just In Case I Disappear...

I had a bad health scare this past weekend. On Saturday I was out with my mom at Michael’s and was doing totally fine but when I came out and got into the car my chest started hurting pretty bad and I felt jittery. I couldn’t get it together and so we came back to the house ASAP. I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in pain. My chest pain felt like when you’ve been coughing non-stop and then you suddenly stop and your chest hurts for days after.

Well Monday I went to the doctor and had an EKG done which was thankfully normal. By then the pain had gone down a lot but the doctor ordered a 2D Echo which will provide an actual picture of my heart so that he can look at my existing heart problem to see if it’s something that has gotten worse.

Unfortunately that appointment isn’t until January. Yup. January. Until then I am still in pain, especially if I move around a lot or stress out too much. Before that appointment I have to jump a few hurdles to get some paperwork for a discount on the price of that particular appointment. I tell you, they want everything but my kidney! Lol. It’s a lot of filling out forms, getting proof of identification (State ID + Something Else), proof of residence x2, emergency contact, emergency contact’s proof of identification, proof of residence x2, etc And I have to bring my emergency contact with me which makes it a bit tricky since we have Hayley with us all the time (Unsafe environment to leave her in and she’s mischievous). The lady that I got all this from was quite rude too so yeah, sour patch kid in the flesh over here.

In the meantime I have to take it easy, not stress myself out, and generally do another reevaluation on how I operate day to day. Because I live in a tense situation with a high stress level, there’s a possibility that my body is just telling me “Enough!” I wake up in the mornings and for about 30 minutes I am pain free but once my mind starts running through all the things I have to do and boom! It hurts again. So yeah, I think that I need to sit back and NOT try and please people so much around here. Or stress out because everything on my To-Do List isn’t done by a certain time.

So if blog posts are sporadic or I take a while to get back to you that’s why and that’s what has been happening this week. I promise I’ll get to those comments soon!

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