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Monday, October 30, 2017

What You Didn't See on Instagram...

I love Instagram but for every one photo on there, I have like a dozen others and I’ve been up to quite a bit lately. I'm also not going to lie, I had NOTHING scheduled for today and I don't know how that happened.

I love hand lettering, which I’m still learning but I’ve also re-discovered my love of drawing, quotes, and decorative chalk art. I’m combining all of them in an art journal which I talked about HERE.

This page is just a draft and I’m changing things up in the final version but it’s a quote from the show Agent Carter. I love Peggy Carter so much, she’s just the type of woman that should be admired, strong, confident, and intelligent. Anyway, that quote has always stood out to me and to many others (Google it and see how many people have created art around it). I decided to add Peggy’s silhouette in and chose an image where she’s wearing her iconic hat from the first episode of the show.

And I also found this quote on Pinterest and HAD to include it. Again, it’s just a draft.

I’m really enjoying drafting up ideas and sketching things to include in my final art journal, it’s relaxing, and it helps me direct my energy and emotions.

Of course, I can’t do ANY project without someone poking their big spotted nose into things.

 The one big obstacle in my art journaling has been the fact that I can’t find the watercolor journal I like in stores. I’m using the Strathmore 8.5x5.5 inch, 48 page Watercolor journal that I bought at Michaels but you know what? They’re AWFUL at customer service and at having supplies! I’ve gone three times since I bought the original ones and they NEVER have them! The first time I went I spend ten minutes trying to find an employee on the floor who could help me before having to go to a register, and hold up the line while asking if they had it. It’s been over a month and they don’t have them in stock. Nor do they seem particularly motivated to get them for me. So I turned to online ordering from Michael’s site. Um, nope. They have site-to-store shipping but you have to pay the high shipping costs.

So I’m probably going to order it from Amazon when I get the chance.

I haven’t completely left hand lettering behind though and I find any excuse to practice, including making a sign for my sister who was nervous about giving a work presentation. I had to include Hayley because my sister is in love with her even though she’s never met her.

I also couldn't find my white cat Orion last week. I wasn't afraid he was lost, just being a little bit of an asshole by not coming when he was called. He does that. He sits and watches me from somewhere I can't see while I walk around calling him like an idiot then he appears in the place I last searched like he's been there all along. This time though, I found his ass hiding on the rock wall where it's hard to see him from the windows.

Lastly, I’ve started using my mom’s old craft chalk. She used to stamp greeting cards when I was in high school for all my friends. Now I get to use them to create my own cards. Anyway, she needed two cards for the two co-workers that were giving her a ride back to the house when we didn’t have a car. So I started drafting …

I didn’t like how this one came out, the veins on the leaf stood out too much and I should have used the tombow blending palette but I thought I was pressed on time. So I exnayed that idea.

Also, Hayley decided at that moment she HAD to have her belly rubbed. If I ignore her she will kick me until I pay attention to her or she'll get up, bark at me and steal something from me. So I had to stop what I was doing and rub the silly belly. Notice those goofy teeth in her smile.

20 minutes later I was back to working on the cards.

I settled on using three different colors of chalk to blend and create the different hues in a fall leaf. Now with chalk you have to seal the color in or it will smudge and leave color EVERYWHERE. Normally I use an aerosol hairspray but that’s unpredictable and it sometimes spits up globs that look gross. So I tested out the blender brush pen from Tombow and wouldn’t you know it, it not only seals the color in but gives it a more finished look! Of course, these means I’ll have to invest in a bunch of the blenders because they shred something fierce after a few uses on this particular project.

Then I just wrote “Thank You” on them and that was that.

Then my mom decided she didn’t need them right now… Grr, I could have done more with them had I known I didn’t need to rush.

I know she's going to want some Christmas ones so I'm going to get a head start on those. I'll try to remember to post my progress on Instagram. Lol.

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