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Friday, October 13, 2017

What An Adventure (NOT)

I love looking at the lit trees!
Guys, I had one heck of a night last night!

All day yesterday mom, Hayley, and I were just bumming around which is a luxury. I was sketching out journal ideas, mom was knitting, and Hayley was being Hayley (She stole my shoe off my foot, got into the recycling bin, stole my mom’s knitting from the table, and scared the daylights out of one of the cats when she barked at him just for shits and giggles). Towards the evening Hayley and I started getting restless, we’re alike in that we don’t like to stay cooped up in the house all day so at around 8:30 my mom says “Let’s go for a ride down to the Fountains at Farrah” which is basically like a big shopping center with Best Buy, PetsMart, Barnes and Noble, and other stores on the upper level, and restaurants on the lower level. Anyway, we’re in the car and driving around the lower level where all the action is when suddenly one of the many lights in the car turns on and there’s a warning sound coming from the dashboard.

I quickly consult the trusty manual and guess what it is? The engine coolant light. The engine overheated! So my mom pulls into a parking space and calls her insurance while I call my aunt to see if she can come pick us up. A nice couple stopped to see if we needed help and they checked the engine for us, and told us it looked like it might be the fan that was busted. When the guy peeked into the driver’s side for a look at the engine temperature, Hayley tried to give him a big fat kiss (I had to hold her back in case he wasn’t a fan of being licked by a total stranger). The couple left and the insurance lady called my mom to tell her a tow truck was on its way and would take about an hour (Usual wait time). My mom then manages to drive the car to the upper level where there’s more room for a tow truck to maneuver. My aunt arrives and we wait.

And wait.

Then we wait some more.

She's overlooking her kingdom.
In the meantime I get Hayley out of the car to walk around. At this point she’s freaking thrilled to be out of the car and walking around at her favorite place. Yay her. No yay for me because I’m wearing sandals, not walking shoes.

While we’re still waiting two more passersby stop to offer help. Still no tow truck.


My mom calls the insurance again and they tell her that the tow truck is fifteen minutes away.

Waiting for the tow truck.
Thirty minutes pass and still no tow truck. It is now 10:45 p.m., all the stores on the upper level are closed and we’re tired so my mom calls the insurance again and tells them to cancel the tow truck because the security guys have offered to keep an eye on the car until the morning. By this point I’ve been walking with Hayley non-stop so I’m already tired and super grateful to the security guys.

We pile into my aunt’s car and are just about to leave when the damn tow truck shows up. So my aunt reverses and goes back while my mom once again calls the insurance to update them. The tow truck guy hitches the car up and we follow him to the dealership where we got the car to drop it off. While en route, the nice security guys call my mom to ask if she’s aware that the tow truck took her car (I swear I’m buying them Starbucks ASAP, they were great).

Almost back to the house.
We get to the dealership and drop off the car in the afterhours lot. At this point Hayley becomes nervous and agitated and it takes me a few minutes to figure out that she’s afraid she’s being abandoned. She’s sometimes gets sad and scared when we take her somewhere new and she sees desert area and it always breaks my heart. So I took a few minutes to reassure her that nothing would ever make us leave her and she calms down.

It is now 11:30 p.m. We’re tired, dirty, cranky, and hungry but after a quick trip to McDonald’s we get to the house.

Only to notice that Hayley’s paws are filthy. So we take her to the shower to wash her feet off, and she gets “The Crazies” and we have to calm her down. We finally get to bed at 1:45 a.m. and have to wake up early to deal with the car problem.

I am exhausted this morning guys and while my mom deals with the car problem, I have a full day ahead of me including bathing a very reluctant, verbal, sneaky dog.

So excuse me if I’m not at my sharpest, I’m running on only a few hours of sleep and am stressed to the max.

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