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Friday, September 1, 2017

What's Cooking (Or You Know, Burning)?

I’ve developed a fondness for breakfast smoothies. It’s surprising because I usually don’t like “healthy” smoothies but this one is pretty good so I thought I’d share my take on the breakfast smoothie with pictures and a few video clips of Hayley getting in the way.

What You Need:
Frozen Strawberries
Almond Milk (Or Coconut, whichever you prefer though I have yet to try this smoothie with coconut milk)
Thick Rolled Oats (Or you know, plain oatmeal from whatever store you prefer)
Local Honey

Single Serve Blender/Regular Blender (I have the Faberware single serve blender which comes with two of the big cups and two of the little ones. I got it at Wal-Mart for about $20)


Rinse off about four or five frozen strawberries and put them into the blender. I usually put about five strawberries in if it’s the small cup, and about eight if it's the big one. I like strawberries. If you have fresh strawberries by all means use them instead. I use frozen strawberries because it never fails, I don't crave this smoothie whenever I have fresh ones and they end up going to waste. I know that Target also sells organic frozen strawberries if you like so it's completely up to you what kind of strawberries you add.

Banana. Confession time: I’m not overly fond of bananas (I don't know why, I used to like them as a kid but for some reason I don't now), but it does add flavor to the smoothie so add half a banana if it’s the big cup, a fourth of a banana for the small one. Again, it's up to you how much banana you want to put. I don't care for it so I put as little as possible.

*At this point Hayley was frustrated beyond belief because what I was making was in fact, not for her. She let me know very loudly that she did not care for being denied food.

She was mad about the milk too.
Then comes the almond milk.

There IS a reason for the order of ingredients and I’ll explain it in a bit. Anyway, pour in your almond milk. Don’t fill it up because you still need the oats and honey.

I know there are like, a hundred different types of almond milk. I get the regular almond milk. I don't like the unsweetened and I'm not about to put any other flavors that might taste nasty *cough* vanilla *cough* in the smoothie.

Now you’re going to add the oats. I add the oats last because sometimes they get stuck to the bottom of the blending cup if you add them first and when you go to blend them they don’t get blended well. Anyway, you’re going to add two tablespoons for the small cup and four tablespoons for the big cup.

Last but not least comes the honey. It’s one tablespoon for the big cup and half a tablespoon for the small one. Make sure that it's local honey.

Blend well. By well I mean check and make sure the oats aren’t still in one piece if not it’s not a smoothie so much as colored oatmeal and that will not go through a straw! While serving you may notice that there is still honey inside of the cup, just use a spoon and spoon it out.

Serve and enjoy!

I recently added frozen blueberries to the smoothie too and it’s not bad. I drink this for breakfast now because apparently I’m a little over the mark in terms of weight. We’ll see how this works along with *shudders* exercise.

Do you have any breakfast smoothies that you’d recommend to a reluctant person?

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