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Monday, August 28, 2017

Review: Make Me Want by Rebecca Brooks

Looking for a hot enemies-to-lovers romance? Look no further!

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Release Date: August 28, 2017

Abbi Haas likes them big, bad, and out of her bed the next morning. So when a smoking hot firefighter shuts down a possessive ex by pretending to be her boyfriend, she’s happy to play along—and stay for the no-strings-attached sex under the stars. But her knight with bulging biceps had better not think she’s some damsel in distress. She’ll handle her ex like she does everything: on her own.

Wildland firefighter Tyler McCall is supposed to be taking a break from danger. First step to having fun: pick up a sexy stranger by pretending he’s her man. Too bad his fake girlfriend is also his new coworker…and their little white lie has already spread. Tyler knows he should walk away before he gets burned. But he can’t stay out of trouble, and there’s no way he’s letting her go.

What’s it About? So Abbi Haas has a bad habit of choosing well, bad men and when one of them won’t take “no” for an answer she’s forced to accept help from a total stranger. A totally hot, sexy, stranger. Abbi has no trouble pretending he’s her latest boy toy, even down to the seriously hot night they spend together but before the morning comes she finds out that her rescuer is firefighter Tyler McCall and he’s in town to inadvertently cause trouble for her at work. Yup they’re work enemies which turns into off the clock enemies, with some benefits. Tyler doesn’t want to get into anything serious, he’s still running from his own demons but something about Abbi calms him and he wants to get to know her even as she puts his future plans at risk.

Overall reaction to the story? Hee hee, I really liked this enemies-to-lovers romance! Make Me Want checked a lot of my boxes when it comes to that particular trope. Both characters were flawed but likable and totally flammable when they were near each other! The story flowed easily, the conflict believable, and who could resist a gruff firefighter with a heart of gold? Not me that’s for sure!

Describe the hero in five words: Quiet. Gruff. Stubborn. Caring. Vulnerable.
Did you like him? Yup.
Why? Tyler’s reason for being in Gold Mountain is part business, part running from the past and he’s totally vulnerable to that past which made him more of a hero to me. His capacity to love and grieve and even to acknowledge that he was grieving was impossible not to love. I liked that he didn’t just give into grief and become this depressing, brooding firefighter. He was quiet but he didn’t stop to help and he didn’t even try to stop himself from caring about Abbi. He may not have wanted to fall for her but yeah, he didn’t exactly plan on how not to fall for her. He was great.

Describe the heroine in five words: Stubborn. Survivor. Intelligent. Determined. Vulnerable.
Did you like her? For the most part.
Why? Abbi is hands down a real survivor. She survived her past but she didn’t deal with it. She carried it around with her and it totally influenced her view on life, love, and relationships with men. I actually liked that about her because she was so flawed from this experience and while she tried to present herself in an I-don’t-need-to- be-saved light, she actually did need to be saved but only she could save herself. I liked that while she needed saving, the author made it clear that only Abbi could forgive and save herself. Tyler was only the catalyst for that. She wasn’t perfect though, she could be a bit too much of a hard heart sometimes and it drove me nuts but I could understand why she was that way.

Let’s talk about the romance: Hot! Hot! Hot! Tyler and Abbi wasted ZERO time getting hot and heavy with each other and then that heat had some ice water dumped on it when the truth about their respective jobs (They were on opposite sides of an issue) came out. However, it didn’t take long for that chemistry to start burning again but this time, their jobs made them spend time together and their own curiosity lead them to get to know one another. The balance of heart and heat made Make Me Want go from just sex to a true blue romance. I really enjoyed it.

How about that supporting cast? Abbi’s friends pop in here and there to offer some advice and later some tough love. Mack is back and lets the reader in on how her love life with Connor is going (Solid), and of course her other friends Claire (I so need her story) and Sam (I so missed her story). The secondary cast doesn’t play too much of a role since it’s all on Tyler and Abbi to fix themselves but Abbi’s onetime fling does provide an additional conflict albeit a more personal one.

Click It or Skip It? Click It. I enjoyed the sexy and the sweet part of Make Me Want and was a bit sad when it ended.

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