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Monday, August 7, 2017

I'm Back!

Hey everyone! I’m back! How has everyone been for the past two-ish months or so? Well my vacation wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and I wanted to talk about that before I let you know what’s new with the blog for the foreseeable future.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have heard that on July 2 we lost our cat Amelia. I had written about how she had developed a severe infection and had lost a lot of weight a few months ago. The vet did blood tests among others and could find no cause for it so he thought it might be a food sensitivity issue so she was put on a prescription diet. We thought she was getting better because she became a bit more animated and had gained about half a pound. Sadly she took a turn for the worse and within 24 hours she had passed away in the vet’s arms.

Meeting Spencer for the first time.
Amelia had a rough start in life, my sister found her at work which was located in a desert area. She was dirty, thin and only about 9 months old. She had had kittens but they had died. Long story short we ended up with her since the only other alternative was to surrender her to our questionable animal control. She made a wonderful companion to Spencer, who grew up without a mother figure and while Amelia was younger, she was WAAAY more mature than he was. Typical. Amelia was all that was kind, gentle, and sweet. She was accepting of all animals, including my aunt’s late German Shepard and she always knew to respect personal boundaries with new animals. It’s what made her the perfect candidate to welcome Orion into the family, she was patient, and kind with him.

I will miss my little girl. She was the quietest out of all the furbabies but she made a huge impact on our lives with her big heart.

Goodbye Amelia. Thank you for being a part of our lives, even if it was for a short time.

As tough as it is to move on, I do want to let you all know about a few changes on the blog. As you can see the most obvious changes are visual. I’ve changed the blog’s NAME, colors and the header a bit.

I’m all about the fall and winter weather so I’m just thrilled that we’re headed that way though my “room” and view are nowhere as nice as in Virtual Me’s room. Did I ever introduce you all to Virtual Me? No? Okay well let’s start with that since I’m all about changes right now.

This is Virtual Me, aka Virtual Adria. She’s basically the cartoon version of me who lives on the internet. She looks like me (Sort of) which was totally accidental. I was trying my chops at creating a “doll” for the blog and she started out as a short, fat, South Park looking character but I kept fiddling with her as I kept learning new tricks, and I used an old sketch of a character I drew back in middle school and before I knew it, I had turned her into well, me. Anyway, Virtual Me (V.M. for short) gets to do the things I wish I could. She gets to have the room/window/view I wish I had and she also gets to dress as whatever she wants for Halloween! She also gets to have her Cooper, Mr. Pud, and Amelia by her side, even if they’re angels now. V.M. doesn’t get hot or cold, she doesn’t gain “stress pounds” (Lucky bitch), and she can still wear her old favorite outfits without being teased. Lol. Her favorite thing though is Halloween and she will be wearing some awesome costumes this year as part of a giveaway that I do every year.

That’s another thing. I’ve got some AWESOME books to give away too! You know that Brazen had a huge sale back in July right? Well I bought a bunch of my favorite books to give away! I also have a few gift cards for my non-romance followers and I may even throw in a few books that are from different genres. I’ve read some good ones this summer.

About that blog name change though…. Why the name change? Well, because I have some new followers who don’t read romance novels and that’s fine but you know what? I’ve always wanted to have different kinds of posts here and thanks to Anna’s Get Social event; I have the perfect excuse to include some different things.

The address is still the same, I’m not about to change that and lose what little followers I have but the name is a bit different because I don’t just review romance novels anymore and I don’t just talk about books here anymore. So the name change reflects that. I’m not very creative with names though, am I? I just wanted to keep it simple and keep a repeat of what happened back when I first started from happening again.

A few other things that have changed: My review request status has changed a bit, I added a bio (Finally), and I’m working on the resources page so if you want to know how I did something on the blog it should be there. If it’s not, ask me and I’ll add it.

How about you guys? Tell me about your summer? Are you still on vacay? Back at home? Or nose to the grindstone and working hard? Talk to me about it, link me up with your posts, or your instagram, I'm ALWAYS on freaking Instagram these days. I'm very visually motivated. I also love seeing pictures of your furbabies, or you know, feathered or scaled babies.

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