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Friday, August 25, 2017

An Open Letter to Hayley

Dearest Hayley,

Today marks your one year adoptaversary. How fast time flies. I still remember the day we met you like it was yesterday.

Mom and I were still grieving for Mr. Pud because it had only been three days since we lost him but I knew that I couldn’t go back to the house without a dog. We already knew about you because your foster dad had told mom about you months before. We knew that you needed a home so a year ago we left the hotel and went to meet you.

You sure did make an impression baby girl! The minute you were let out of the room of your foster home all I saw was a grey and white blur running around the living room barking. The first thing I thought was “She’s so tiny!” The second thing was “She’s so loud!” I remember you did a run-by-smooching with mom and then you were told to go do your business outside. Which you did but you were still barking. Little did I know that you were a very opinionated pup. Then you came in and did a run-by-smooching to me and pulled my shirt down. It took me all of three minutes to say “yes” to bringing you back with us. You were so trusting and sweet, as soon as you had a leash on you let me lead you out of the only loving home you had known and into our car.

That first night was tough on both of use wasn’t it? I was crying non-stop and so were you because you missed your foster family. We slept in the car remember? I started to doubt my decision to bring you into our lives because I was afraid you wouldn’t be happy.

We had to get to know each other and learn to trust each other too. It wasn’t easy for me, I had a broken heart and you inherited one heck of a human mess. But you were persistent in your need for attention. You started to make me laugh, something I didn’t know if I would ever do again. You made me get up in the mornings and then made me sit with you and play. You’re rambunctious, opinionated, and super smart. Not to mention gorgeous with your hazel eyes “bedroom” eyes. Every day has been an adventure and a challenge trying to teach you new things and finding ways to engage that silly brain of yours. In the end you make up your own games so whatever right? You love to please though, I see your little face light up when you do something I ask and I clap and say “Good girl Hayley!”

You have been an angel to us Hayley girl. You swooped in like a silly superhero, picked up two broken souls and basically said “Ta da! Here I am to show you how to love again!” And that’s exactly what you’ve done.

You’re not a replacement for Mr. Pud, no one is and I would never make you feel like you were or that you were second rate. You’re in a category all your own sweetheart. You have such a big personality in a little body and I can’t believe you chose us to be your guardians. I love that you spend time with both me and mom and that you alternate who you sleep with at nights. I don’t even mind your loud snoring but I would like it if you quit shoving your feet in places where they didn’t belong though. Personal space woman!

No matter what though, you’re here to stay. Even when you:
 Annihilate pillows.

 Kick in your sleep.

 Rush me to feed you.

Don’t like the word “No.”

 Give me the stink eye when I want to take pictures of you.

Stalk me when I’m eating like some demented baby shark.

Put your stinky feet on my lap.

 Open packages that aren’t addressed to you.

 Steal mom's yarn.

 Wipe your face on things and leave pieces of food everywhere.

 And act like a butt in the back of the car.

All of these things and more make you who you are and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Especially since you’re starting to learn that when you put on your “Super Suit” it’s time to get serious and listen.

Hayley, I’m glad you’re with us and I’m glad that you’ve let your guard down and trusted us enough to get to know you. You’re a silly, silly girl with a big heart and I look forward to many years together and even more adventures.

Happy Adoptaversary Hayley Bean. We love you.

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