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Friday, June 2, 2017

TGIF From Like, Three Weeks Lol

I haven’t done one of these in a while. And there’s been a lot going on. From cat updates to mishaps, to some pirating, it’s all been a bit wild.

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve talked about my little girl cat, Amelia. She’s been sick with a severe infection that blood tests, and poop samples couldn’t diagnose. Well at one point we thought we were going to have to find the money from somewhere and get her some more in depth testing because she just wasn’t getting better, even with antibiotics she’d do a little better then relapse as soon as the vet took her off of them. It wasn’t until by luck we took Amelia for another check up and her regular vet was out. The receptionist asked us if we wanted to come back the next day but we said no. So this new vet looked her over and said that it might be an gastrointestinal disorder and he explained what it was, what usually causes it and sent us back to the house with some food samples.

She's still thin but she now gets up on the window!
Well it’s been about a month and since then we had to buy a bag of special food for cats with sensitive stomachs and while Amelia is still super thin we have noticed a bit of an improvement. She’s keeping more food down, her poop while still diarrhea doesn’t smell awful like it was before and she looks to have gained about a pound. Not only that, she’s started getting up on the bathroom window again which she hadn’t done for months. Again, she’s still super thin but not like she was a step away from being at death’s door like when she first got sick. She’s due for another check up soon so I’m hoping that they see better, more hopeful results. I’m hoping that by the end of the year Amelia will be back to playing with her yellow feather boa that she loves to yank feathers off of and leave all over the place.

Meanwhile I finally got Hayley to wear her pirate hat without too much fuss. The first and only time she wore it all I got was a blurring picture of her licking her peanut butter spoon but that’s it. This time I got about 9 or 10 pictures before the temptation to take it off and play with it became overwhelming. Her aunt loved the pictures so much that she bought her a matching collar from Etsy shop, Huggable Hound.

So when it gets here be sure to check her instagram for those pictures and maybe one of her kicking my butt. There was a heartbreaking setback for her earlier last month though and made me realize that she needs a lot of reassuring before she can be called a fully adjusted dog.

So in the beginning of May my aunt had an appointment early (At the ass crack of dawn it seemed) and my mom volunteered to take her and of course Hayley and I went along too. Well four hours later and we were on our way back to the house. But first since the doctor was across town we had to stop at a small park so Hayley could do her business. Well I put on her harness and go to take her out of the car when I notice she’s all nervous and when she hopped out her tail was between her legs and had a defeated way of walking.

Whoever would abandon that face lost out.

It took me only seconds to realize that she thought we were going to abandon her at the park! Oh my goodness but I started to cry hard. She looked so freaking defeated and accepting of what she thought was going to happen to her that it broke my heart. I quickly sat down next to her in the grass and hugged her all while promising her that I would never do that to her. I took her sweet little face in my hands and promised her she was with me for the rest of her life. After a few minutes of reassuring her and letting her stick to me like glue, she started realizing that she wasn’t going to get left behind and started walking like normal and did her business. But that moment will stick with me forever. Just who did that to this sweetheart that she was still remembering it as if it was yesterday? I hope however did that to her gets warts. Big, ugly ones in a sensitive area that never go away. She’s mine now and I’m keeping her. No matter how many times she hides behind doors to jump out and startle me. Lol.

Handlettering. Oy vey but that’s proving to be quite the challenge for me. I can do what they call faux calligraphy but the real deal? That’s tough. I’m so out of practice when it comes to writing anything that I have to retrain my wrist to move correctly. Not to mention those damn upstrokes! I did find a great blog that offers some helpful tutorials and tips. And she gives a pretty nice tutorial on bullet journaling which I was curious about. She doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for things either but she's still new so there's not much on her site. So far, what I’ve wanted to learn has been free and she’s super nice on instagram too.

Speaking of handlettering I also met up with my first elitist who insisted I wasn’t doing it right and that I should pay for the “privilege” of doing the tutorials instead of ripping off hard working professionals by finding free tutorials. Oookay Miss High and Mighty. Whatever. I told her in a nice way to take a leap, neither she nor her elitist friends created handlettering so F-U. She’s lucky I don’t post screenshots of her message. #NotGonnaPlayNice #BiteMe #TakeALeap

But on the funnier side of things, this week I walked out to check the mail and forgot to put on a shirt. Yup. I walked out in my bra (It’s so hot already) and about six neighbors and the postman saw me. I’ve never run so fast in my life. I even lost my flip flop on the drive way like a ghetto Cinderella. Screw it, I kept running. And didn’t come back out until waaaaay later.

So yeah, that’s been the past few weeks for me.

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