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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs!

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, Top Ten Tuesday is a celebration of lists! Each week a theme will be posted and bloggers will post their lists on their respective blogs. Some themes are pretty straightforward and others are open for interpretation.

This week’s Topic: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book
Oh man I could rant about this topic until the cows come home but I don’t have 10 things that are a total turn off, only 5 that are absolute NOs.

1. A Bad Heroine. This is an automatic book killer for me. Whether she’s TSTL (Too Stupid To Live), needy, whiny, useless in a tense situation, a drama queen, or has a damsel in distress mentality, a bad heroine is just no fun. I read romance for more than just the romance, I read it for the story, the character growth, and to live vicariously through the heroine. If she’s stupid and useless or can’t even try to protect herself I can’t relate to that. If she doesn’t stand up to bullying men and have confidence in herself as an equal, then I don’t have the patience or the time for that nonsense. I don’t expect her to be perfect because that’s boring, but if she rolls over and shows her belly just because there’s a man in the picture then nope, she’s and idiot and not worth my time. A heroine needs to be adventurous, courageous, and smart for me to give her a shot. She also can’t be catty to other women because that’s just stupid.

Authors who write great heroines: Sabrina Jeffries, Elizabeth Hoyt, Elle Kennedy (OMG she does the BEST heroines in romantic suspense and dystopian EVER), Katie Reus, Jill Shalvis, Paige Tyler, Tessa Dare, Katee Robert… I could go on but these women are my go-to for awesome heroines who don’t piss me off.

2. An Overbearing Hero, also known as an Alphahole. I LOVE alpha males I really do, but there’s a fine line between Alpha Male and A**hole. To me the Alpha Male doesn’t feel threatened by a strong female and doesn’t resort to chest thumping “Me man, you woman” behavior while the Alphahole is threatened by her and will try to control all aspects of her life while explaining it as “Protecting” her. An Alphahole doesn’t see a woman as capable of handling her own life much less as being able to contribute ideas to any situation; he HAS to make all the decisions and lead all the missions and basically overshadows the heroine completely. This will kill my interest so fast because I can’t stand men like that.

Authors Who Write Great Heroes: Elle Kennedy (They make me swoon), Sabrina Jeffries (They’re incorrigible troublemakers but so much fun), Paige Tyler, Tessa Dare, Katee Robert, Katie Reus, Jill Shalvis, Jessica Lemmon, Anna Bennett…

3. Cheesy/Bad Plot. I know romance novels deal mostly in fiction but come on! Some of the plots I’ve read are downright ridiculous. They might have had a good idea in the planning stages but come time to execute that idea it kind of gets lost and falls short of what is promised in the beginning.

4. Too Much Drama. Some drama can enhance a book. Too much drama can make me feel like I’m watching a soap opera and can be so draining to me as a reader. I know this isn’t always clear right at the beginning but sometimes the drama presents itself early on and that’s when I say “I’m out.”

5. Immature Couples. I despise grown ass characters who act like teenagers especially when they get into arguments. If they’re the type to get vicious with verbal insults or worse, do that whole “He hurt me so I’m going to hurt him back” thing then that is a big fat GTFO for me. That’s probably why I don’t like to read New Adult or be tricked into reading New Adult (Which has happened and which is why I stress the importance of correctly categorizing books). Also, if the heroine is a hitter then I’m gonna have to say no. That’s no way to solve an argument, plus it’s abusive.

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