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Friday, April 7, 2017

TGIF: My Sister and Kitchen Mishaps

This week was marginally better in some ways.

It certainly had its funny moments.

Amelia is still the same. She’s hungry all the time and she hasn’t gained weight but the good news is that she hasn’t lost weight either and she hasn’t gotten worse. She’s a bit mouthy right now with her demands and she’s not taking Spencer’s crap when he tries to eat out of her plate (He does this even if he has food in his own plate). She’s still affectionate with us. She has four more days on the antibiotics before she has to go back and get another blood test. The first blood test revealed no obvious diagnosis but it did eliminate Feline AIDS and Leukemia although her white blood cell count was high. That lead to the vet thinking it was a bad infection. I’m still hoping that’s what it is and that she just needs more antibiotics. If not there are going to be some costly X-Rays in the near future. I just want my little bit to feel better though. I miss seeing her play with her feather boa (Yes she has one. She likes feathers so I got her a yellow one).

If you follow the blog on Instagram you’ll remember that I slipped on a puddle of water, dropped my phone and the screen cracked. It looked like a spider web but because I had a screen cover on it the phone still worked. I was so angry because I had only had the phone a week. Luckily I remembered that the phone was insured and when I contacted the insurance they told me that the replacement would cost $40. So I filled out the form, photographed it, and sent it in. A day later I had a replacement phone! Yay! Now I’m paranoid about carrying it though. I’m still waiting for the phone case I ordered to come in but man the mail takes forever to deliver. I ordered it over a week ago, actually I ordered it a day after I got the original phone which was two weeks ago. Sheesh.

Isn't my sister cute?
I started re-reading Lisa Kleypas’ Hathaway series again too. My sister is hooked on the series and so we get to talking about it and I convinced her to put in her quick review of the first book along with a selfie of her reading it.

Not gonna lie, I was surprised she did it. And I’ve asked her to do the same with the second book which she’s already told me she’s “emotionally invested in.”

As a book reviewer that’s what I wanna hear when I recommend a book or series to someone. My sister’s not a diehard romance fan so to hear that she loves this series means a lot.

After she finishes the Hathaways, I’ll probably introduce her to another of my favorite authors: Paige Tyler. I’ve got her all excited about the X-Ops series because Paige used one of my sister’s celebrity crushes (Brett Dalton) as the inspiration for the hero of her latest book. Lol I’m going to go broke gifting my sister all these books but I don’t care. We’ll have plenty to talk about.

So everything was pretty much the usual until yesterday. I tried to cook something. Actually it wasn’t that I tried and failed it was that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be cooking but I did anyway. It didn’t go well. At all. Two things happened: 1. I turned on the WRONG burner and didn’t realize that the water wasn’t boiling until about 45 minutes later when I remembered I was boiling water and came running into the kitchen thinking I’d burned the pot and nada. The wrong boiler was on (Surprisingly when I opened my Pinterest app there was a meme about it too except mine was 45 minutes). 2. Once I turned on the right boiler I stupidly put my hand on the boiler that had been on for 45 minutes and burned the fuck out of my hand. The upside is that I mostly burned my middle finger (Go figure). Fun right? That’s how I ended my week this week.

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