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Friday, March 31, 2017

TGIF: I Almost Threw In the Towel

Not gonna lie, I felt like throwing in the towel this week.

With everything.

Since last week Amelia has barely shown any improvement. She’s still a bit lively but she’s still very thin, throwing up a bit, and she has the runs. The vet wants a poo sample to check a few other things but that’s where everything stops. They don’t know what’s wrong, they still suspect an infection, a very stubborn one. So naturally that’s what is occupying my thoughts and time. I check on her constantly, and spend as much time as my lungs allow. Oh yeah, the doctor I recently talked to after my stomach ailment told me to be very careful with how much time I spend around cats and dust because I could develop a breathing ailment because of my pre-existing heart condition. I honestly don’t think the cats are the problem though. I think the house I live it is the real problem. There’s problems with the ducts and a lot of dust settles inside and that stuff makes me itch like crazy! So I bought some of those plain white masks to wear when I clean and spend time with the cats. It’s helped a lot.

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom though. This week we ran out of Hayley’s favorite dessert bones so we had to make a stop to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get more but this time, we got Hayley down from the car and walked her to the store. It was five in the evening so people were out and about so I was a bit concerned that she would try and make friends with an idiot who would react badly but she didn’t. She was just so thrilled to be out walking and when she saw my mom go into the shop she sat outside with me until she came back out. I was so proud at how she pretty much ignored the people around her which is what she’s supposed to do as part of her training. Now, if someone had wanted to pet her that would have been a different story. She LOVES attention and will lean on someone’s legs and whine and bark for affection. Lol. I was super proud of my little munchkin. She was happy too. She got 12 bones. Lol.

I did struggle with this week’s posts though. I just couldn’t come up with anything new to post since most of the reviews I’ve written are for books that don’t come out until next month or later! I was stressing out over having something to post and that was kind of pulling me down. I love reviewing books but this week it felt like a burden rather than an awesome hobby. So I skipped yesterday’s post and just took a day for me.

My other munchkin.
It felt great but then I got into a conversation with my sister about the books she’s been reading. You see, I totally introduced her to the magic that is Lisa Kleypas about a month ago. My sister normally reads sci-fi, alchemy, mystery, etc but she wanted to try romance and of course came to me for suggestions. So I bought her the first book in the Wallflowers series and she fell in love. She quickly bought the other three books in the series and DEVOURED them. She even has a favorite, It Happened One Autumn. Then I wanted her to keep having fun so I got her the first book in the Hathaways series, Mine Til Midnight and well, she’s hot for Cam Rohan. Lol. Her enthusiasm for the stories and characters lead to some fun late night conversations that reminded me why I review books, why I talk to them, why I’m willing to break out of my introvert mindset to chat with other fans about books. I even nagged her to take a selfie with the cover of Cam’s book and she totally did it! Not only did it rekindle my love of reading, reviewing, and recommending books, it gave me something else to talk about with my sister.

By the way, I haven’t seen my baby sister in about four or five years so I tend to get a little weepy when I talk about her.

I also FINALLY cut my hair. I just can’t stand having long hair in the summer, it has to be short. Like, above the neck short but I get nervous because I’ve had bad haircuts before and they tend to traumatize me so I need to be able to trust the person with the scissors. I like it a lot. It’s easy to maintain and I don’t look weird. I’m looking forward to keeping this particular cut throughout the whole summer.

Let’s see, OH! I’m also going to be having my first real meal since I got sick! I’ve been eating small amounts of bland veggies for five days and while I enjoyed it the first two days, by now I’m ready to punch someone if they bring me vegetables again. I want a friggin’ pizza or something. Lol. I’ve been hangry since yesterday.

I’m so looking forward to a better week next week. Goodbye March, hello April.

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