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Friday, March 24, 2017

TGIF End of the Week Wrap Up

I’m a little slow at getting back to the comments and messages that have been left on the blog, Facebook and Instagram right now guys and here’s why:

I got sick again. I have been super stressed out lately and it finally took its toll on my body.

I thought I had food poisoning because I was throwing up constantly on Sunday morning and the symptoms were similar to what I had last year when I did get food poisoning. I was so sick with a fever and an unsteady stomach that I couldn’t even keep down juice. It was hell. I spent all of Sunday in the bathroom or sleeping. I spent Monday still feeling sick but at least the vomiting had stopped. Tuesday I had no choice but to get up to go to my doctor’s appointment (Diagnosis? A “bad reaction” to stress. Thank you Dr. Asshole, I could have told you that and without the bad bedside manner). I still couldn’t eat more than broth and two potatoes from the chicken soup my mom made me and at one point I started feeling really sick from the heat and lack of good air ventilation in the house I live in. So I was down another day. Wednesday I went with my mom so she could get her taxes done. Commence more worrying hoping everything turned out okay. By Thursday I was feeling much better but guess what? I STILL can’t eat solid foods.

Everyone has stress. Everyone. There’s not a single person who isn’t stressed out about something because life is a giant butt that way. I grew up in a stressful situation and it is pretty much all I’ve known. I was probably the most stressed out, nervous kid in the family but I managed. But we all reach a breaking point right? So mine happened early Sunday morning because my sweet Amelia is sick.

About two weeks ago we had to switch the cats’ food to something more affordable. It was a food we had fed them before so we didn’t think there would be any trouble. Well Amelia started to lose a little weight here and there which is normal for her she’s finicky about her food and when the weather gets warmer she tends to lose a bit of weight. However, she kept losing weight so we had to find the money from somewhere to switch the cats back to the more expensive brand of food in hopes Amelia would start to gain the weight back.

She didn’t. In a matter of days since we switched back she got really thin and started throwing up. Right away the Negative Nelly states “I think she has leukemia.” Yeah thanks for having empathy and compassion. #sarcasm

Now all you pet parents know how expensive it can get to have pets and the vets here don’t have any kind of payment plans. But that’s another topic for a different show. Anyway, the last thing I wanted to hear is that I might lose Amelia. For fuck’s sake, I just lost Mr. Pud in August and that hasn’t faded a whit, it just gets balanced out with the joy and silliness that Hayley brings. So I started to freak out which was the straw that broke the camel’s back with my health. Despite the fact that I’m VERY allergic to cats, I love the three cats I have, they each have distinctive personalities but they’re all very lovable and cuddly. Especially Amelia. She’s so tiny and sweet.

So my mom takes Amelia in for blood work on Monday while I stayed behind with Hayley the Terrible.

My mom reports back that Amelia was a sweetheart at the vets, purring and letting herself be handled, she even took a photo of her on the floor waiting her turn in one of the rooms.

Well I lost it and started to cry because that’s just who she is.

The vet was very sweet though (A far cry from the cold hearted one that “helped” us when we had to let Cooper go) and took blood samples which we got the results of the next day.

Amelia does NOT have Leukemia or Feline AIDS. Take that you Negative Nelly. But her white blood cell count is very high and the vet now thinks it’s some kind of infection so she gave us antibiotics for 20 days and then they’re going to do more blood tests to see if she improves. In the meantime we are to continue feeding her like normal. It’s a relief to know she doesn’t have Leukemia but at the same time it’s nerve-wracking because if the antibiotics don’t help, Amelia has to have more tests done and that may be something we can’t afford. So yeah, I’m really hoping that those pills help her because the alternative is something I don’t want to think about. She’s survived being dumped in the dessert at around 9 months old; I want to believe she can beat whatever is making her sick too.

So if I’m a little slow getting back to you, or if you notice a lag on the blog, that’s why.

But I don't want to end the week on a depressing note... So here's Spencer in his new box. He's such a goober when it comes to boxes.

First one in, last one out. After he's clawed the crap out of it though. If you're not careful he will jump in BEFORE you put it down, causing you to drop it AND HIM on the floor. Then he comes out to give you the stink eye like you dropped him on purpose. Such a demanding boy. He's always been like that. He has only child syndrome I tell you. He wants everything for himself.

And also, I got a picture of Hayley taking a nap with her goofy ass tongue out.

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