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Friday, March 10, 2017

TGIF End of the Week Wrap Up: Busy Week

The first half of the week was a busy one! So I got this grand idea to make my mom dinner for her birthday since we’re a little tight financially. But I didn’t want to make anything I’ve made before, which left an entire galaxy of options because I just don’t like to cook. I spent time on Pinterest, asked friends on Facebook, and surfed the handful of cooking blogs I knew by heart.

Finally I just asked my mom what she would like for dinner and all she told me was “Chicken.” Ooookay then. So off I go to buy some chicken and a few other ingredients I didn't even use, like the clueless person I am. #ImNoCook

Seriously, it’s like my mom didn’t remember who she was talking to!

So I settled on making a basic chicken recipe with McCormick brand seasoning  and I thought I had it down right when to take down the chicken from the freezer so it would thaw... Wrong!

It was still freaking frozen 24 hours after I took it out of the freezer! If it hadn't been for Felicia's (Geeky Book Blogger's Book Blog) suggestion of putting it in water I would have been making chicken at 8:00 at night and cursing everyone from the mailman to the people on the West side of town! So thank you for that Felicia! You saved my sanity.

So I had plans for the chicken, but decided to do something different with the side dishes. When I deign to cook something it's usually a wham-bam combo of throwing stuff into a foil and seeing if it's edible afterward (I did say I hated to cook).

So first off were the potatoes. I like red potatoes best but the problem with them is that sometimes they taste a little sweet. Yuck. I used a seasoning I found at Target that had garlic (A favorite with my mom and myself), rosemary, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. Not bad but yeah, the potatoes came out a little sweet.  I'll have to try this again with brown potatoes.

But the biggie was a new side dish I wanted to try. I found the original recipe on Pinterest but I didn’t want to have chicken in it since I was already making chicken so I just cancelled that part out. It was my first time trying something different and I was super scared to screw it up, especially since I was tweaking it a little to suit what I wanted. I had never had sun-dried tomatoes before but those were amazing so I added more than the recipe called for (the whole 8oz jar instead of ¼ cup)! I didn’t add as much Basil as the recipe called for since it’s a little strong to me, and I didn’t throw in the garlic until the pasta was in because if you burn garlic it tastes nasty. I also didn’t put in all four roma tomatoes, just three.

As for the amount of pasta, I put in about ¾ of the box. It was delicious and definitely vegetarian friendly if you leave out the chicken. I personally wouldn’t ever add the chicken because it’s great without it and I usually pick out the chicken in pasta dishes anyway. Though my advice is to add more spinach because the 8oz gets swallowed up pretty quickly by the amount of pasta. Or maybe that’s just me. I'm going to try this again with more spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. I liked those.

Needless to say my mom loved the whole meal but the pasta was her favorite.

Thinking back on this week it was a pretty “Mom” centered one. Aside from her birthday, I convinced her to get a facebook account. She HATES social media aside from Pinterest (Where she says “I don’t have to talk to anyone and no one is looking for me”) and Instagram which she keeps private and only shares images from other people’s accounts. I explained to her that knowing her way around social media could be a plus to her as she’s looking for a new job. I explained the perks of having a Facebook (And of course the negative side), and how she could prevent people from her youth “Trying to talk to me and nag me to get together when I didn’t even like them in the first place.” It’s taken me three years to get her to consider it, a month to get her permission to create one for her, and just this week she made her first few posts. Of course, she’s fighting me all the way when I try to get her to friend some “safe” people. Lol. I’m actually coming up with a bunch of Facebook challenges for her so she can practice and get to know her way around the site.

I don’t know why she denies it but she learns things pretty quickly when it comes to the internet. When I got her a Nook a couple of years back, all I had to do was show her how to use Google and YouTube twice and that was it. Now she has a Kindle and when she wants to learn something she finds out from there. She’s constantly sending me tutorial videos from YouTube so I can download them from the laptop and then put them on her Kindle. That’s how she learned to knit.

She’s also off next week for two weeks for a much needed vacation from working with special needs kids and their parents. I predict she will horde Hayley for that time which is sort of fine with me because I know Hayley will drive her nuts. We’re also planning on taking Hayley to the local shopping center in the mornings to walk and so she can see people. Hopefully there will be at least one person with the common sense NOT to be afraid of her because of her breed. It breaks my heart when she wants someone to pet her but they end up crossing the street because they’re ignorant about her.

Oh and this week we’ve been spending every evening waiting for the neighbor to show up with the second hand refrigerator my aunt said she’d take. So all the stuff on top of the fridge is on the table, all cluttered and we’re just like “Are they coming today?” And still nothing. That’s one of the things I hate around here. People and businesses are so inconsiderate. They tell you they’ll show up at say nine to fix something and they don’t come until one in the afternoon or sometimes not at all. Then when you’re about to run errands on another day they show up unannounced. Rude.

And yes, even now I sit here waiting for them to show up with the freaking refridgerator.

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