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Monday, March 20, 2017

Review: In Skates Trouble by Kate Meader (Review + Giveaway)

Hot hockey romance anyone??? You'll need some ice water for this one. Maybe an entire bucket of ice. In Skates Trouble is part of an anthology featuring 18 super talented authors. The best thing about this anthology is that 20% of royalties from sales of Hot on Ice will go to Homes for our Troops, a charity that builds specially modified homes for injured veterans.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Avery Flynn (Part of an anthology)
Release Date: March 21, 2017

He'll give her what she needs . . .

Addison Williams isn't looking for romance, but when she encounters an eavesdropping stranger on an adjoining hotel balcony, she figures she's due a little fun. She just hadn't reckoned on the "fun" escalating so quickly to "out of control." One minute she's flirting with a whiskey-graveled voice in the dark, the next that same voice is telling her to do things. Hot, wicked things.

Cup-winning hockey player Ford "Killer" Callaghan can't believe he let the anonymous woman who blew his mind slip away into the night. He'll track her down because once could never be enough—even if discovering her identity places her strictly out of bounds.

Stolen kisses. Secret hook-ups. Deliciously forbidden in every way. Can a passion that started in the dark find a lifetime of love in the light?

What’s it About? In Skates Trouble is part of the Hot on Ice anthology. It’s a short story about hockey player Ford Callaghan and what happens after he eavesdrops on a conversation between a mysterious woman and her friends about what women really want in bed from a man. And yes, it’s as hot as it sounds because he and the mysterious woman have one hot encounter before she runs out on him. Then Ford manages to find out that she’s a model and lingerie designer Addison Williams and that she has ties to the hockey world that should make her off limits but it doesn’t to Ford.

Kate Meader knows how to pack a punch when it comes to hot romance and In Skates Trouble is no exception. Ford is totally yummy as the younger guy who falls for the older, “plus sized” (I hate that phrase though) woman. Addison had elements of realism that made me like her so much. She was confident with moments of doubt like everyone has. The chemistry between them was off the charts and I loved how Meader made their progression from a hot and heavy “benefits only” pair to a genuine “falling for each other” couple seem natural. I loved their chemistry and the humor that they both seemed to have about their unlikely attraction to one another. Both characters were likable and easy to root for. Addison is the type of female character that I want to see more of in romance. The normal sized woman with ambition who is successful on her terms. Loved her.

Click It or Skip It? Click It. Ford and Addison are hot and heavy but also just a fun pair of characters.

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