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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Off the Top of My Head: Emojis and Likes

Sometimes the most random things pop into my head at night and they won’t stop bugging me until I’ve dealt with them, i.e. shared them. Sometimes they’re absurd things, sometimes they’re valid things, and sometimes they’re just weird things. Either way, they’re just:

Today’s Randomness: Emojis and “Likes” are taking away actual communication!!!!

Haven’t you noticed? All we do these days on social media is “like” things: Statuses, photos, movie choices, you name it. There’s rarely any real conversation going on. Just a simple “like” or a smiley face/thumbs up emoji to let the poster know you saw it. Heck, I’m guilty as hell of this too. I know my reason, I’m freaking lazy to type out a comment on my phone because that’s where 95% of my social media browsing happens. I don’t have internet like most people do. I still use one of those portable modems because I’m not the one paying for it, I can’t afford the internet and the house I’m living in may not survive the installation. Don’t ask.

Anyway, I do almost all my surfing on my phone but it’s small, my fingers are fat, and it’s a hell of a lot easier just to hit that “like” or that heart button on Facebook or Instagram. Every now and again though, I can be moved to actually comment and have an actual conversation with a person based on how strongly I feel about their post.

Are you guilty of opting for a “like” instead of a comment?

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