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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adria Picks: Twenty Thoughts I've Thought When Encountering Stupid People

Okay so I’m a compulsive list maker. I have lists for EVERYTHING all over the place. Some of my lists are funny or straight up weird so I thought Why not share them?. Maybe they’ll be good for a laugh.

Now I know that Broke and Bookish has Top Ten Tuesday but the difference between theirs and mine is that I’ve had most of these lists for a while and most of them are WAY over 10 things.

This Week’s List: The snarkiest things that I have ever thought when encountering Stupid People.

Warning: This list is not for the humorless. Seriously, if you find this list offensive maybe you need to get off the internet.

You KNOW you’ve encountered The Stupid at least 10 times in your life. Or in my case, the week. Social “etiquette” prevents most of us from saying what we really think when faced with Stupid. Unless of course the level of Stupid is so high it voids any semblance of politeness and the snark just comes shooting out of your mouth like a laser beam.

I personally encounter a specific kind of Stupid almost every day and the sad thing is that it’s not always verbal Stupid. Sometimes it’s behavioral Stupid. Sadly I’m not at liberty to reply like I normally would because “sensitivity” and all that crap. But that doesn’t mean I can’t think it. So here are my top mental replies depending on what kind of Stupid I'm dealing with.

10. When someone tells me that there’s always two sides to a story and they want a chance to explain why they treated you like crap.

9. When a guy is trying to “explain” his bad behavior.

8. When a co-worker reacts like a child when you’re trying to explain why they have to be a bit more professional.

7. When a so called adult keeps rolling their eyes at you when you’re using logically sound arguments.

6. When you’re dealing with an adult who just doesn't want to act like an adult.

5. When people think they have the right to tell you that you should A.) “Be in a serious relationship at your age.” Or that B.) You need a man.

4. When someone says you’re fat (Because they’re “only trying to help you” by making you aware)

3. When someone cracks a joke about you having depression (I do) and committing suicide.

2. When someone stupidly tells you to “Forgive and Forget” something they did.

1. When they call you a sarcastic bitch (Like that’s a bad thing).

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