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Friday, February 10, 2017

TGIF Week End Wrap Up

HTML Headaches guys. HTML is the devil.

I've had quite the mentally draining week, starting with bloggy stuff.

So this week I decided to FINALLY update and organize my review list using THIS handy dandy tutorial on anchor links (Thanks Anna!). It took me four hours to update all the new reviews on the blog and then to add the html to provide the convenient anchor link to each letter. Sounds like it was a success right?

WRONG. The first time I updated it everything worked but when I went back to fix some spacing issues and image links I done fucked something up and well… Take a look for yourself. If you notice, NONE of the anchor links are working and the page is mostly blue. I have spent the entire week scouring the coding to find just where I made the mistake but hell if I can find it. The problem with HTML is that if you add or delete one tiny thing, letter, number, space, whatever then it could screw up EVERYTHING which is probably what happened here. I may have to start all over again with the anchor links because that’s where everything went haywire. I want to pull my hair out by its roots. I’ve taken a break from that for a couple of days but I keep going You need to fix it. You need to fix it. You. Need. To. Fix. It! I still haven't worked up the nerve to tackle it again.

To distract myself from that hot mess I’ve been helping my mom while she tries to find a better paying job up north which is where we desperately want to move. It’s been equal parts difficult and disappointing to say the least. We’re not giving up though. We need to move, our lives aren’t going anywhere here and we need to start having a healthier lifestyle which means throwing the dead weight we’ve accumulated overboard figuratively speaking. I’ve also been helping my mom add to her video tutorial collection. See, when my mom wants to learn something she goes straight to YouTube to find a tutorial on it (Or in the case of her knitting, she goes to YouTube and then finds written instructions using Google). The problem is, we don’t have the internet at the house we live in. So whenever we’re at Target, Wal-Mart, Starbucks or any place that has a fast internet connect, she ignores the hell out of me and finds tutorials she likes and then emails me the links. Then, one day out of the month, sometimes two, she dumps my ass at Starbucks with the laptop and I proceed to download all the YouTube tutorials she’s sent me. And it can be A LOT. After that, I save them on my portable hard drive and go back to the house where I load them onto her Kindle (She needed the BIG SD card Lol). And then my mom will ignore everyone for the next few days while she learns something new. She taught herself to knit and now she wants to learn how to cook certain dishes. I’m down for the cooking cause I get to be the taste tester. But I’m also NOT down for the cooking cause I HAVE to be the taste tester and if it’s something I don’t like I’m screwed. It’s not like Hayley can do it. Or the cats. Her current favorite YouTube channel is Armando en tu Cocina (Armando in your Kitchen). The videos are in spanish but the subtitles do a good job translating for non-spanish speakers.

I did take some time this week to do something I haven’t done in awhile and that’s look for some new clothes. I’m really bad at updating my wardrobe outside of yoga pants, t-shirts, and tank tops. I didn’t buy anything but I did see some pretty neat contenders that balance out my need for practicality and “pretty.”

Also, my size 10 butt is no longer agreeing with my size 8 pants… So I kind of have to find a few new articles of clothing for the ugh, summer.

Did I mention I don’t like the summer? It means sweating, bugs, and 3-4 hours of sleep a night for about 7 months. Fun times ahead guys. Also, I had that moment where I ran into someone I know while looking like Swamp Thing. Oh I’m racking up those points guys.

OMG guys yesterday was one of those epic fail days. So every Thursday I go to PetSmart to pick up food for Hayley or for the cats (This week it was both) and everything was fine. I love going to PetSmart because people bring their dogs and I love to ask to pet them (And pet parents LOVE to talk about their pets which is one of the very few topics I can converse about without getting shy) and ask about them. Well I hadn’t noticed that one of the dogs I had asked to pet was attached to a very cute human. Yes, I’m that clueless when I’m around animals. Anyway when I realized how good looking the guy was, I kind of clammed up, made my excuses and turned to walk away. Only his dog’s leash was wrapped around my leg so when I turned to walk away I not only tripped but the poor dog got caught up and fell on top of me and let me tell you, an 80 pound Rottweiler does NOT feel nice! But it gets worse/funnier (Depending on your point of view), the cute guy goes to help me up as I was flailing around and I hit him in the face! I KNOW someone got video of that because I saw some camera phones out. Assholes. Lol.

It was so mortifying but thankfully he had a good sense of humor about it. It’s funny now but at the time I wanted to die of embarrassment. This is why I don’t socialize often, for as long as I can remember embarrassing things have happened to me in social settings.

This week my mom was able to secure two boxes for Spencer and Amelia (Orion surprisingly doesn't like boxes, he likes nest like beds).

This was the first time they had two boxes but since Spencer is REALLY unfair about sharing, we thought it might be better to get two. We were right. Each cat snagged their own box. The funny thing is that Spencer picked the smaller box to squeeze his big fluffy butt into while Amelia picked the bigger box for her tiny body.

They looked like next door neighbors in an all cat neighborhood.

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