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Friday, February 3, 2017

TGIF Week End Wrap Up

I didn’t walk off with anyone’s shopping cart this week so that’s something. Lol.

However, something embarrassing is ALWAYS happening to me and for the most part I’ve learned to accept it and just hope that no one I know is around.

This week at my local Target store I walked into the exit door while being a rubber neck. Two women were arguing over something and I turned to look and WHAM! Right into the door that didn’t automatically open. My cheek was sore but it was my pride that was really injured. I’ve always been accident prone so at 32 I really should be used to it. I’m one of those people who could trip on a flat surface while walking in a straight line.

We had a little scare with Hayley this week when she pushed the back door open and let herself out into the backyard. The two gates in the back aren’t exactly sturdy and can easily be knocked down by a determined Hobbit-dog looking for adventure.

I tell you my heart dropped when I saw that door open and I saw spots before I snapped out of it and ran outside to find her about to push the gate. I’m not going to lie, I got her inside and started crying like a baby. That little girl has come to mean so much to me in such a short time. She really is sweet and innocent and I can’t imagine letting anyone hurt her.

On our walk this week we went to the corner of a busy street and she was slowing down traffic just sitting there all cute and short. Cars were slowing down and pointing at her and one guy stopped to ask me about her. She LOVES the attention. On our way back, someone was getting out of their truck and asked to pet her, naturally I have to tell them that she’s still a jumper but very friendly but this guy didn’t mind and she had a blast getting scratched and loved on. I do wish more people would come up to her so since that would help me with her training. She’s also learning that the cats are NOT for chasing. Orion helps there since he’s the calmest cat I’ve ever met and allows me to walk Hayley past him without hissing or running from her.

I'm doing my first Instagram challenge thingy too. I always see these things AFTER they've started but for once I caught one in time. Hopefully I can get it done with little to know prob... Nope, when it asks for things like "Favorite series/Recommendation" I just know it's going to be an internal battle. Anyway, check it out. #bloggerlifemonth

I rented Bridget Jones' Baby for my mom for this week's movie weekend. To counter that, I rented Captain Fantastic for myself. Personally I liked the first Bridget Jones movie but after that it got annoying. But my mom liked the first two so much. Oh the things we do for our loved ones. Lol. I'll include both on the monthly TV wrap up along with some other movie/tv recaps. Wish me luck with the Bridget Jones one though, leave it to my mother to pick a movie designed to make me grind my teeth and roll my eyes so hard they may get stuck back there. 

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