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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: Talking Dirty by Jennifer Seasons

This book had everything going for it, until the last quarter or so of the book where the heroine flipped her lid and became totally unlikable.

Format: .mobi (A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for the purpose of an honest review. )
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Release Date: February 7, 2017

Jake Stone has always been an outsider, even in his hometown. As the misfit son of the town drunk and a descendant of Fortune’s mysterious founders, he’s spent his whole life not living up to expectations. So when Apple Woodman comes poking her pert little nose around his business, trying to sniff out juicy bits for a book she’s writing on the town’s history, he decides he’s had enough. He’ll give her the answers, at a price: one piece of clothing for every question. If the town’s good girl librarian wants the dirt on this bad boy then she’s going to have to bare all to get it.

Nothing is going to stop Apple from achieving her dream of being a published author, not even surly Jake Stone. She’s got a hefty advance to make good on and a looming deadline, and the last bit of crucial information she needs is being held hostage by the infuriating man. But Apple believes in equality between the sexes and she’s not going to be the only one playing along—he’s going to have to take it all off too. They’re only clothes; it’s not like they’re baring their hearts. Right?

What’s it About?Librarian Apple Woodman is determined to publish her book on the history of her hometown of Fortune, unfortunately she needs information about the founders only their descendant Jake Stone can provide. And he’s not providing it. Jake wants to keep his family secrets buried but with Apple being so persistent Jake has no choice but to answer her questions, but his cooperation comes with a price. For every question Apple asks she has to take off an article of clothing. He thinks it’s the perfect plan to get her off his back, until she not only agrees but turns the tables on him. If she has to strip, so does he.

Describe the hero in five words: Secretive. Charming. Lonely. Selfless. Caring.
Did you like him? Yes.
Why? Despite being an outsider in a town he grew up in, Jake never turned down an opportunity to help those in need. He was a good guy that had more than a few skeletons in his family closet but did his best to be a good person. He was so selfless when it came to those family secrets that he was willing to give up any chance of happiness just so he wouldn’t burden anyone with those secrets. I admired that about him, especially when his family secrets came tumbling out.

Describe the heroine in five words: Intelligent. Determined. Snarky. Selfish. Childish.
Did you like her? For the first half of the story yes but by the end absolutely not.
Why? I genuinely liked Apple in the beginning. She was smart, a librarian (Yay book lovers), and she loved her hometown something fierce. She didn’t let Jake always have the last word and I always love that in a heroine. However, I found her one track baby mind to be annoying to say the least. I got that she wanted to have kids but to put that as the end all, be all goal over someone else’s very real fears and concerns made her fifty kinds of selfish and mean. On top of that, once she found out the reason behind Jake’s distant behavior (Which was a very real, heartbreaking one), she made it seem like it was NOTHING and that her dreams of having a baby were more important than his concerns. I just could not like her after that. She was unfair to Jake and downright mean. Yet, at the end HE apologizes to HER. For what I’m still not sure because he didn’t do anything wrong. That he kept his family history from her, uh yeah I would to. That’s not something you just blurt out after sex. By the end of the book I wanted to slap this girl.

How convincing were the main characters as a couple? Again, the first half I had no problem with. Jake and Apple had some serious chemistry and the town of Fortune sounded interesting enough even if the residents can be a little bland now and again. It was the second half that ruined the connection I was building with Jake and Apple. The way she behaved and her single mindedness was over the top and threw me out of the story and I couldn’t get back into it.

Is there a “Scooby Gang” worth mentioning? Jake has two friends, Aiden and Sean. Aiden is Apple’s cousin and the two are very close which tends to divide Aiden’s loyalties. Jake is his best friend but Apple is his cousin. These two were interesting and sometimes provided the comedy that was needed when things got too serious.

How “Lost” did you get in the story? I thought Talking Dirty was going to be an easy going contemporary romance but Jake’s history made it a bit more than that. I liked the direction it was headed and had it not been for Apple’s incredibly selfish attitude I would have enjoyed this book immensely because of the seriousness of Jake’s story. I also found the ending to be unbelievable in terms of conflict resolution. It was a little too tidy for me.

Click It or Skip It? Skip It. Apple was a complete turn off for me. Her one track mind and selfish attitude just killed my enjoyment of the last part of the book. Jake should not have been the one to apologize for something he couldn’t help. A good plot is important but when one of the main characters is like Apple it ruins the whole thing. I would definitely pick up another book by this author though since I did like the overall plot, as well as Jake, Aiden, and Sean.

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