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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TV Talk for January

I really do enjoy watching tv shows and movies but with Reality TV and over the top dramas being all the rage there’s not a whole lot of options for me. Recently I’ve been going back to older tv shows that I haven’t seen in awhile or even “new” old tv shows that I get to experience for the first time. I have a list of shows I want to catch up on or watch again so I'll be working my way through that plus watching the two or three shows that are currently airing right now.

What shows are you all tuning into?

1. Blindspot.
I’ve loved this show since it started last year. It truly is an action packed series that has not one but FOUR strong female characters which tv is in desperate need of. The one thing I’ve been noticing this season is how the women have taken center stage with their individual talents AND they’re saving each other. The men don’t come storming in at the 11th hour to save them because they’ve gotten in over their heads. Jane has saved the men from time to time and I love that. I love seeing women saving each other, working together and a wonderful lack of drama from the characters’ personal lives. I just hope that doesn’t change. I don’t want this show turning into another lackluster drama show. Also, Luke Mitchell who was on Agents of SHIELD is now on this show and his character is legit nuts. Airs on Wednesdays on NBC.

2. Agents of SHIELD.
I’m not going to lie, this show has had its ups and downs and this season started off good with Ghost Rider being introduced into the cast. I was iffy about him but quickly grew to love Robbie Reyes’ tortured presence on the show. Then the winter finale saw him well… Disappearing and now there’s an Ultron esque storyline going on that I’m not exactly feeling. To me the cast has gotten too big and the main plot has been splintered into a bunch of mini plots that really aren’t necessary and feel like regurgitated material from the Marvel movies. I keep watching because I LOVE the core cast and their chemistry. Unfortunately this season they’ve once again split them up and that sucks. I’m a loyal fan though and I want to hope that they’ll wrap up the current android plot and get back to the interesting stuff: Cast chemistry and bringing back Ghost Rider damn it! You know what though? We have DirecTV and they're in some kind of scuffle with ABC so I have to go and buy the episodes on Amazon the next day. Which sucks. Airs Tuesdays on ABC.

3. Frasier.
This was one popular show back in the early 2000s. I can’t get enough of snooty Frasier, his equally snooty brother Niles, their ex-cop (And sooo not snooty) dad, and his physical therapist Daphne. Oh and I can't forget Eddie the dog! The show is hilarious if you like your snark and sarcasm. For some reason Frasier and Niles’ competitive nature reminds my mom of me and my younger sister. I wonder if my mom knows just how many scuffles we got into like Frasier and Niles. In the entire series there are some really great moments that just have me laughing no matter how many times I’ve seen them. I have seasons 1-4 on dvd but they currently air the series on the  in the evenings. Airs on the Hallmark Channel.

4. Starsky and Hutch.
Yeah my mom was a huge fan of the tv series back when it was on the air from 1975 to 1979. The dialogue can get kind of hokey and I’m definitely not a fan of the useless female characters that come and go but when you really look at the show it’s not really a cop show, it’s a show about two guys who are the best of friends and happen to be cops. I’m a big fan of the friendship between the two characters. Even in today’s shows there’s a lack of solid friendships between characters that DOESN’T turn into a romance. I love friendship shows and this one is definitely one of the more entertaining and solid ones.

5. Sherlock.
Oh this show is just DELICIOUS! I just love the writing on this show, I love the cast, I love the storylines. Nevermind the psycho “fans” who have fits because the recent season didn’t go the way they demanded it go, this show is worth the wait in spades. It took me awhile to watch the show mostly because I kept freaking missing it on PBS and I couldn’t record it! Then I got a new kindle a year ago and just a month ago saw that I could buy the episodes on Amazon *insert forehead slap here* I still need to get season 1, I got season 2 on dvd at a steal during the Christmas sales, and bought season 3 and the two episodes of season 4 on Amazon. Yeah, I’m writing down those quotes that make me laugh so hard.

So that’s what’s on my tv right now. It changes from month to month though. I usually run the tv at night because I have anxiety attacks that get pretty bad if it’s too quiet at night. Right now I’m running recorded episodes of Frasier which works for me.

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