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Friday, January 27, 2017

TGIF Week End Wrap Up

Well this week has been interesting to say the least.

This past weekend we had some really bad winds, now I’m used to El Paso’s windy weather but this one was pretty bad. They rattled the house some and knocked down trees which cut the power in some areas.

My poor cat Spencer who hates windy days was so terrified I had to go into a closet with him and cuddle him like when he was a baby. I felt so bad, he’s already six years old but he still acts like the little tiny ball of fluff we found. Needless to say I needed the extra strength allergy pills after that but it was worth it. I’d forgotten how cuddly Spencer could be when he’s scared.

I started a #MotivationalMonday monthly post on Instagram. On the first Monday of every month I’m going to share what’s on my mom’s dog calendar for the month. Each month has a different inspirational/motivational quote or saying that we’re trying to incorporate into our lives as we try to make some big changes. After that first Monday I’ll just repost some meaningful things I find on Mondays just to try and get the week started on a positive note. So yeah, hopefully that sticks. The first one was really meaningful to me.

I had an embarrassing moment at Wal-Mart this week too. See there are some days where I’m not as… Observant as I should. If you’re familiar with the old Looney Tunes cartoons I’m like that kid Ralphie (I think is his name) who is always getting in trouble for day dreaming in class. I kid you not I’ve always been like that. Anyway, I was listening to music, getting lost in my thoughts when someone taps my shoulder. I pulled my earphones out and turned to look at the person who then said “Excuse me miss, you have my shopping cart.”

Yup. I walked off with someone’s cart full of groceries. Here’s the kicker, I had my own cart which was EMPTY so you would think I would notice that I’d walked off with a full cart right? I was so embarrassed! I apologized and just couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Check out the shop here.
This week I also FINALLY found someone on Etsy who could make me what I wanted for something less than an arm and a leg. I found a person who could make me a sterling silver ring with Mr. Pud’s paw print. I contacted her with the photo and she said it was a high enough quality and clear enough for her to make it. Now all I have to do is start saving pennies because even though it will be considerably cheaper than the usual companies, it’s still something I can’t just whip out. What I really love about this seller is that she does half sizes too which I hadn’t found in any of the other retailers for the same price. I just felt that I needed something to wear at all times so that I could keep him close. This is perfect since I don’t wear much jewelry save for a ring now and again.

And you know what I realized? I did my TV Talk for this month WAAAAAY before the month was over. I feel so stupid. Lol.

Next week I have to bathe Hayley again since she's going to the vet for a checkup... Something tells me she's going to kick my butt into next year over this. #LifeWithDogs

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