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Friday, January 20, 2017

TGIF Week End Wrap Up

Eesh another week is ending and we’re getting closer to the start of spring! Oh no! So this week wasn’t really that eventful (None of my weeks are eventful really).

I’m working on a new header for the blog. It’s taken me MONTHS to do this one because I had to start from scratch by sketching a really rough draft of what I wanted to do. The sketching wasn’t so bad because I’ve missed it but I don’t have a scanner anymore so I had to rely on my not so good phone camera to get them onto the laptop. Also, tweaking virtual me isn’t easy either. I’m a perfectionist and there aren’t any real tutorials on how to turn yourself into a little cartoon without the aid of expensive programs. I managed but there’s something that’s holding me up: I have two shelves that have books, a plant, a radio, and a cat but there’s still space that I don’t know how to fill up! What else do people usually put on book shelves?

I also discovered that I can’t draw open windows for shit. Shading, most angles, and distance still befuddles me so I did closed windows instead. I also don’t know how to draw pillows without them just looking like colored squares. You can see a preview of the header HERE (It’s watermarked, shrunk down and covered in grainy spots but all that will change once it’s done.

I did a bit of reading this week too though not as much as I had hoped to do. I finished The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon (Loved it. She writes better billionaires than what is currently “trendy”) and If the Duke Demands by Anna Harrington (Loved it!), both February releases.

Image from Avon on Instagram!
And I also started my countdown to Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas because OH. MY. GOD IT’S SEBASTIAN AND EVIE’S SON!!! You know that whenever I’m asked what my favorite historical romance is I ALWAYS say Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas and heck, I’ve bought copies of the book for friends so for their son to have his own book and to see how my favorite couple evah is doing after so many years? Uh I would totally give away relatives for this book. Not even going to deny it. I think there’s only like, three people I wouldn’t get rid of… Nope, two people, a dog, and three cats. Okay four but Sinatra’s a pain in my butt most days!

My reading challenges are going alright. I’ve done two for the Pick Your Genre challenge and three for the Backlist Challenge so far.

On the goal front, I’m off to a slow but steady start when it comes to the moving part. I’ve helped my mom submit almost 30 job applications (I send the job openings to her while she’s at lunch and if she says yes I go ahead and fill out the application), and made about 13 phone calls to different apartment complexes to check about rent, pet policies, and proximity to the local college. I’ve got a few more calls to make there and then I move on to real estate agents to check out small houses.

"Don't Care."
What would help is if I could get Hayley trained ASAP and have her pass her Canine Good Citizenship test because then it’s an added plus for us when looking to rent. Plus it would be one step closer to getting the little booger and myself into classes to turn her into a therapy dog. I’ve always wanted to volunteer at retirement homes but I have bad social anxiety. The doctor suggested I work with a dog in order to help me cope with all the symptoms. Hayley’s energetic as hell but she likes to be praised so when she gets something right we all but throw a parade for her and it makes her want to do it again. And again. And again. So far she’s mastered staying on my left side while walking and sitting down as soon as I stop walking. We still have a ways to go though but I’m hopeful with this little girl being so eager to please. She’s learning that she can’t go jumping up on people who want to pet her either.

Aside from that, nothing eventful has gone on this week. So have a good weekend everyone and stay safe!

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